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Statement of Purpose (SOP) for the United States

The SOP or statement of purpose for the United States is an imperative document that determines the uniqueness and the potential of an applicant. When it comes to the case of the USA, it is a “Letter of Intent” or “Motivation Letter”. The SOP for the USA is a mode of communication indication for your goals and aspirations to universities. It is also a more personalised way of connecting aspirants and universities. In the US the statement of purpose is heavily weighted in the admission procedures, particularly for MS admissions. It will be beneficial if you prepare a good statement of purpose which highlight your command of the English language. If you are looking for your future career in the USA, you have to draft a precisely formatted SOP. Because the universities in the USA evaluate every SOP in depth for their proper formatting, style and tone even before reading what is written inside it. Before writing the SOP for the USA, you must learn all the general guidelines.


While writing the SOP for the USA, you must not write too much-unwanted information. Always craft an SOP that clearly explains the purpose of the course you are applying to. You should always quote relevant points only. Some of the general guidelines for writing the SOP for the USA are

Document required: Visa SOP

Language: Require a well-drafted SOP in US English language. They are strict about spelling and typo errors. 

Font: Times New Roman 11 or 12.

Length: The length of the SOP varies from university. Here is the length requirement of SOP for different universities.

  • SOP for MS: 2 to 3 pages
  • SOP for MIT: 2 to 3 pages
  • For Stanford, Harvard and University of Chicago: 2 pages

Generally the word limit for SOPs is to be between 600 to 1500 words.

Spacing: Universities like Stanford and MIT prefer a line spacing of 2.0 whereas some other universities prefer a line spacing of 1.0. 

Content: It should contain the following parts

  • Introduction

Start your SOP with an impressive quotation which is relevant to your scenario. 

  • Background includes academic, professional and family background.
  • Give the reason for selecting the course.
  • Mention the reason why you selected the particular institution for your studies. You can talk about the unique course structure, affordability of the fees and scholarship opportunities if any and so on.
  • Why did you select the USA for your studies?
  • Compose an additional paragraph if you have education gaps. Provide the things you learned during your tenure. What motivated you to continue your studies again?
  • Career goals
  • Conclusion


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While writing the SOP for the USA student visa there are some key points that you should keep in mind.

  • Include only achievements and specifics relevant to the US programme for which you apply.
  • In US universities, they use plagiarism detection software to check written SOPs. So always craft the SOP without copying from any other samples.
  • The goals should be related to the subjects interest rather than making income or finding work in multinational companies.
  • The SOP should be a unique giving emphasis on your point of view.
  • Make sure that the written SOP is grammatically correct, without any spelling mistakes and should be checked for plagiarism. Always follow the word count specified by universities.


Since the SOP for the USA should be written with great care, you can approach a professional service since it decides your admission eligibility. We are here to serve you with professional SOP writers with their expert knowledge and experience to achieve your dream goal as a student in the top universities in the United States of America. We have excellence in writing  SOP for pursuing graduate school programs, bachelor’s or master’s degree programs or research programs as per the guidelines.


Growing up in a semi-urban area in India, I come across many construction sites since my childhood. I have been witnessing the transformation of a village into a modern town which motivated me to choose Civil Engineering as my bachelor’s course. The development in infrastructural development in our town is proof that there is unlimited scope to grow and create in this field. Sturdy structures and attractive architectural buildings not only require creativity but also require meticulous engineering and management. The common goal that makes me an ideal candidate to study Construction Management at your university is the ability to plan, implement, execute and drive the team towards a common goal. My undergraduate course plays a crucial role in strengthening my foundation and understanding of Civil Engineering concepts. My favourite subjects were Structural Analysis, Building Planning and Drawing Building Measurements and Construction Technology. 

Academic background
I completed my 10th from (Name of the School) at (place and address of the school) in (the year of completion) and secured (percentage of the mark ). I bagged (percentage of the mark) for plus two from (name of the school) at (location of the school) in (year of completion). I chose (name of the college and address), to study Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering and secured a (mark scored) in (year of completion). I also did various other courses like (name of the course) during my graduate studies. During my graduation, I did a summer internship program, where I was awarded the best intern of the year. I was also active in non-academic activities as well. I was selected as an executive member of the Students Engineering Association of India. As a part of it, I have taken initiative and managed over a hundred students to arrange national-level events. All these experiences contributed to developing my administrative skill and have helped me later in my career.

Why did I choose ( Name of the university) over other universities?
My research has convinced me that MBA in Construction Management would ideally suit my profile. I was certain that my education should allow me to gain global exposure and a high standard. Several reasons made to select (the name of the university)for my higher studies. The United States of America with its high-ranked universities is known to provide outstanding academic programs and exceptional value. What attracted me to the (name of university) is not something that you can learn from textbooks alone, it is the presence of leading faculties who can solve critical problems and make the world better through groundbreaking discoveries. The experiential teaching approach involves discussions, collaborative sessions, debates and simulation of real-world settings made me select this university. The university provides internships in collaborating with leading construction companies in the country and also made me pursue this program.

Why did I choose the MBA in Construction Management?
An MBA after civil engineering will broaden the engineering knowledge while gaining a depth understanding of the business environment. Since I already have a keen interest in engineering, building and architecture technologies, I choose an MBA in Construction Management. The program deals with planning, design and construction of the project and also focuses on applying principles of management to solve the problems and challenges arising in the field of construction technology. The curriculum will provide us with training in core management subjects and domain-specific subjects. It helps us to develop our skills in the field of leadership and management, scheduling, budgeting, leadership and project management. An MBA in construction management helps in blending engineering and business values and prepares us to focus on different areas of time management, quality assurance and budget management at the same time. After pursuing this course I will be moulded into a professional who can handle the right way of planning, coordinating, budgeting and overseeing construction assignments in different areas like residential, industrial and commercial. I am sure that studying in a reputed institution will help me to build a promising research career with the guidance of expert faculty members. The internship programs will benefit me in building my career. Since India is a developing country, and there is a great demand in the construction field, I am sure that this degree will improve my employment perspectives.

Why did I choose the US over India for my studies?
I researched many countries like US, UK, Canada and Germany and found that the USA has a higher number of educational institutions providing higher education than any other country in the world. The practically oriented learning in a real-time environment approach is not practised in our country India, where the educational system still emphasises a theory-oriented approach. Although all other countries provide equal academic excellence, I choose the USA for my higher studies considering living costs, safety etc. 

My short-term and long-term goals?
 My short-term goal is to work in a construction firm, real estate firm, architecture agency, or government department where I will get a chance to implement and update my knowledge. After working for a few years and gaining much better experience in this field, I will take a step ahead and set up a business in a construction firm.

Plan after studies?
After my studies, I will return to my country as my family is staying here. I am sure that this international degree will help me to work better for global clients while helping me find better opportunities and positions both financially and career-wise.

I urge the university team to seek my genuine interest in joining your university to attain my future goals.
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Sample SOP for UK

The United Kingdom (UK) has become the favourite destination for students to pursue higher education. They have a long history of providing world-class education. UK universities rank high in international university leagues and attract some of the world’s best academics. British universities are well known for helping students to refine their critical and creative thinking skills and experience that will help them succeed in their chosen careers. Regardless of where you come from in the world, you will feel at home in the UK because of its multidisciplinary culture. Your degree from the UK will be recognised and respected around the world.  The living cost is much lower in the UK compared to other countries. An international student is allowed to work for 20 hours a week during the term time and full time outside the term time.

If you are planning your higher studies in the UK, you require a student visa. For obtaining a student visa, you need a statement of purpose. In reality, a visa SOP serves as the most critical and supporting documentation of the visa application. An effective SOP for UK universities articulates academic and personal achievements, and future goals as well as addresses your motivation to learn in the UK. therefore you have to contextualise your educational background with your professional aspiration in the SOP. SOPs are required for pursuing a degree course after plus two, or any master’s from any university in the UK. Do you wish to get a sample sop for UK?


The general guidelines are

Documents required: Visa SOP

Language: Professional English.

Font: Times New Roman, 12.

Length: Maximum 3950 characters or 600-900 words. Surpassing the limit results in the termination of the application.

Note: A plagiarism-free SOP is accepted in the UK. You will be rejected instantly if your copy is plagiarized. 

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Content: It should contain the following parts.

  • Introduction and statement goals

Highlight your motivation for opting higher and state your goal of studying the course at the particular university.

  • Academic background

Give details of your education, project, learning, internships etc.

  • Career progression

Outline your work experience, knowledge and skills gained and specify how it matches with the course you are applying to.

  • Why this course and your goals?

For example: Why MS in CS? What would you gain from this course? How will it help your goals? What are your short-term and long-term goals?

  • Why this university?

What attracted you to this university? Talk about the facilities, research work (if interested), the faculty, the universities reputation etc.

  • Conclusion 

End with a strong conclusion.


I, (your name) was born on(DOB) in (city name), would like to study the Master of Business Administration at (name of university) in the UK. I would like to upgrade my basic qualification and career from (University name), which would help to achieve my aspirations. I am certain that education from this international institution in the UK will provide me with the right opportunity to achieve my career goals

I have completed my secondary school education from (school name), (place name) in the year (year of completion) in which I secured (mark in percentage or CGPA). My schooling itself revealed my interest and I have chosen the Commerce stream for further education and completed my plus two from (name of school) in (year) with (percentage of marks secured). After my plus two I pursued my degree course from (name of the college) affiliated to (name of the university), place and completed the course in the (year) with (percentage of marks). I am especially interested in doing a Master of Business Administration since it provides intensive training in the MBA field and is suitable for graduates who are preparing for a career in the business administration department. This course focuses on specific emerging domains within business administration where there is an increase in demand and skill shortage. It will enable me to develop the skills and knowledge in these new and important areas of business administration, significantly enhancing my employment opportunities. Though these courses are available in India, they are designed in a theory-oriented manner lacking practical knowledge and a real-time environment. To achieve expertise and knowledge in this field, I decided to pursue this course abroad. Higher studies not only provide me with advanced knowledge but also prepares me as a good researcher which will enable me to build a successful career as a professional and consolidate my position in the growing business field in India.

A student’s UK qualification is recognized and respected globally. The country has become one of the top destinations to study around the world. In the UK, students are coming to study scientific and technical subjects because of its traditions of excellence dating back over a hundred years, with high-class institutions at every corner and much more flexibility from many other countries. Studying in the UK also benefit from learning alongside some of the world’s top intellectual achievers.

The learning experience in the UK makes students think independently, develops problem-solving skills and intellect and empowers them with creative and effective thinking. Employers recognise these skills as the qualities needed to meet the requirements of the global economy and to succeed in a competitive job market.

The UK education system has a strong international reputation. It is known for its effective structure, innovative policy development and independent thinking throughout its universities. The UK is a safe, friendly and sophisticated country with its harmonious society making it a good system for foreign students and also for travellers. Among the English-speaking countries, the UK has become one of the most popular destinations for international students. The main factors that attract students to the UK are its friendly nature, excellent education system, its cultural diversity and high standard of living. Students can be a part of its multicultural environment and cultural activities. As an international student in the UK, I expect to live and learn in a well-developed and friendly country full of opportunities. 

I selected (university name) for learning as it enables students to be what they want to be. The graduates from (university name) are the highest paid in the country and the researchers from this university are rated as world-class in several disciplines, fostering a culture of success across the institution. The (university name ) is the most well-equipped and modern campus in the UK. These postgraduate programs are designed to expand and build on the existing expertise and skills, in turn equipping me with everything I need to advance my career or shift it in a new direction. (university name) offers a flexible learning environment that helps to combine study with career and lifestyle. The business management programs from (university name) offer me a choice of specialization, especially in project management, international business, engineering and marketing management. This university delivers everything that is required to build a successful career.

The Master of Business Administration is quickly evolving to meet the demand of today's marketplace. Master of Business Administration from (name of university) will cover a wide range of topics including finance, accounting, marketing, operations management strategy, economics, human resource management and strategy forming the core subject. The MBA postgraduates from (university name) will have their expertise, knowledge and skill supporting the business administration in any organization that uses them and they will be qualified for positions in business administration. I can develop specifications as well as research to create new ideas through this program. Problem identification, selection of appropriate technical solutions, materials, test equipment and procedures for the manufacture and production of safe, economical and high-performance products and services are the challenges provided by the program. The careers for graduates who pursue these programs are Business administrator, Finance Manager, Credit Analyst, Accounting Manager, Risk and Insurance Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Operation Manager.

After completing my higher studies, I will return to my motherland, as I am the(elder son/daughter/only son) of my parents. Till now my parents worked hard to provide us with everything we wanted. Now it's my responsibility to look after them very well and make them happy. The education program will help me to build up a bright future. After returning to India, all my experience, knowledge and skills that I acquired from my study in (name of university) will play a vital role in getting a job in multinational companies like Microsoft, DELL, Google, Intel, Cognizant and many more. Nowadays most multinational companies are investing in the Indian market will help me in executing my responsibilities in the best way with an international standard. It will give me immense job satisfaction and also help me to get a good career where I can procure my talents of being a good professional and serve my nation well. Thank you for allowing me to express myself.

Thanking you

Your name


For writing an SOP for obtaining a student visa in a country like the United Kingdom, you require knowledge of the English language with extraordinary grammar skills. The crafting of the SOP is not an easy task since any mistakes in the writing of an SOP may lead to the immediate termination of the application for your student visa. That is why you should seek professional assistance to write the SOP for the UK student visa. We have experienced professionals who have skilled knowledge in writing SOPs that will assist you at any time and help you make a perfect SOP to pursue, a school graduate program, bachelor’s or master’s program or any research program as per the requirement of  the particular educational institutions or universities.

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Sample SOP for New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand is a country well known for its high standard of living and relaxed pace of life. The people in New Zealand are enjoying a perfect work-life balance. They are having the worlds topmost universities providing the best education system emphasizing practical oriented knowledge which makes the studies easy for the students. The people in New Zealand stand second in showing a friendly attitude toward foreigners. Also, the crime rate in New Zealand is very low. The students’ safety in this country is very high. The fee amount required for pursuing a course in this country is less than in other countries. PhD students can benefit more from this country because they are allowed to work full time and the fee required for the courses are the same as that for the local people in that country.


As mentioned earlier a statement of purpose is an essential document which explains your educational and career expectations in New Zealand for obtaining a new student visa in New Zealand. The general guidelines are

Document required: Visa SOP

Language: Professional English 

Font: Times New Roman 11 or 12.

Length: Single-spaced document not exceeding two pages. 

Content: It should contain the following parts

  • Introduction 
  • Background includes academic, professional and English proficiency.
  • Give the reason for selecting the course.
  • Mention the reason why you selected the particular institution for your studies.
  • Why did you select New Zealand for your studies?
  • Career goals
  • Financial status
  • Conclusion


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Close up of black man hands signing document on a desk at home
  • In New Zealand, the statement of purpose known as letters of motivation is mandatory for almost all courses. Courses that don’t require a statement of purpose will mention earlier.
  • While writing the SOP for obtaining a New Zealand visa you should always mention the reason why you selected New Zealand for your higher studies rather than India or any other country.
  • The SOP for the New Zealand student visas should be concise as they will not spend more than two minutes reading the same.
  • New Zealand only accepts the written form of SOP.
  • In the SOP you should mention if any of your blood relations is studying or had studied in the country for the last 5 years.

Sample SOP for New Zealand Student Visa

I would like to introduce myself as Haritha Das. I was born and bought up in Kerala, located in the southern part of India. My family consists of my father, a businessman, mother, a housewife, and an elder sister, who is married and currently settled in Qatar. I completed high school in 2013 and did my Bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering from Mahaguru Institute of Technology, Kayamkulam, Kerala, in 2022 with a first class and distinction degree certificate. While applying for jobs in reputed companies, I understood that those jobs I am looking forward to needing skill upgradation that can only be achieved through higher education. Eventually, I decided to pursue my Master's from [Name of university] in New Zealand. 

I was lucky to select my academic career and path of my own. My father is a teacher and my mother is a housewife. Both of them supported me very well and never insisted on their decision on me in selecting my carrier. I have been an excellent student all in academics throughout my studies. I secured 92.6% in the 10th Board exam and 93.4% in plus two board exams. In 2013, I joined a Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Sree Ramakrishna Engineering College, affiliated with Anna University, and completed it in 2017 with a CGPA score of 7.69. During my school and college days, I got many chances to participate in dance competitions, where I could excel in my performance and bagged prizes at university levels. After graduation, I joined Capgemini Technology Services in India as an analyst in 2018. In 3 years, I could manage to get a promotion to Senior analyst and Associate consultant because of my professional excellence. The job responsibilities in Capgemini were coding, designing, application management, troubleshooting, monitoring updates and possible security threats, and providing end-user support.

My passion for technology has grown over the years. Since having a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication, I have sound knowledge in this field. For handling higher posts in reputed companies, knowledge upgradation is an essential element. For that, an internationally accredited course is always a gem. The Master's in computer science program which I pursue will help me to boost my knowledge in artificial intelligence, software design and development and its application. It will also give a base to operating systems and networks and also information technology. At the same time, it will help me to broaden my portfolio. I am very keen to acquire advanced knowledge in machine learning and software designing. 

I read several blogs, from which I came to know that the institutes in New Zealand emphasize research-based learning which helps the students to understand the concepts more precisely. In India, most of the courses are theory-oriented with little or no exposure to industry-oriented studies. I also researched for higher studies in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. Being one of the safest countries for international students, low tuition fees, its natural beauty and healthy work-life balance made me pursue my higher studies in this nation.

The [Name of university] is one of the best universities in New Zealand with its world-class teaching with highly efficient and qualified teaching faculties. The infrastructure and amenities that are provided to the international students also made me pursue the program from the [Name of the university].

After completing the course, I would like to return to [Name of the country] as the country offers a wide range of career opportunities in this field. I would like to do the job in one of the leading IT companies. Some of the companies where I can work include [Name of the companies]. My intention to come to New Zealand was purely academic. I do not have any intention to stay back in the country after the course. I always wanted to return to the country where my family needs me.

To meet the financial requirements for pursuing an education in New Zealand, I made all the necessary arrangements. I managed to get a bank loan to meet the expenses that are required for education purposes, accommodation facilities and living costs in New Zealand.

Finally, I would like to say that I will live in New Zealand honestly and complete my course. I also assure you that I will never overstay there after completing my education. I hope you will give me a chance to achieve my career goals by allowing me to study in New Zealand.


For pursuing a course in New Zealand for higher studies, you must write a compelling statement of purpose for obtaining a New Zealand student visa. It is one of the important documents that determines whether you will get admission to a particular educational institution. For crafting an SOP, the majority of aspirants seek professional support. We specialize in making statements of purpose for New Zealand, which will help you to achieve your dream goal as a student in New Zealand. We have a group of professionals experienced in writing the best statement of purpose for pursuing a graduate school program, bachelor’s or master’s degree or a research program in New Zealand.


  1. How do I write an impeccable SOP for New Zealand student visa?

To pass a student visa application process for New Zealand, the SOP should be written very clearly for submitting to the visa officers including all the necessary details as we mentioned in our blog. The officers will not spend more than two minutes reading your SOP. So it should be precise with all the details furnished in simple English language to convince the board.    

  1. How do I write an SOP for MS in New Zealand student visa after it got rejected? 

If your SOP for MS in New Zealand student visa got rejected for one university, never use the same write-up for applying to another university in New Zealand. If your application gets rejected, then approach a professionally skilled SOP writing service. We are here dealing with SOP writing services. You can approach our professional writers to check what went wrong in your SOP. They will figure out the drawbacks. They will check the guidelines and parameters of the university in which you are joining and then will help you in framing a perfect SOP.

  1. Is a cover letter required along with a New Zealand visa SOP?

No, you should never complicate your SOP with cover letters if it is not asked. The universities which require cover letters will be asked separately. Then only you should submit it.

  1. Is a GTE form or any other document needed apart from the New Zealand Visa SOP?

A GTE form is required only in an Australian student visa application. It is not required in New Zealand Visa SOP, though there are many similarities between the SOPs of both countries.

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Statement of Purpose | SOP Writing

You may have heard the term “Statement of Purpose (SOP)” but aren’t sure what it means. This blog attempts to provide a complete account of the situation. You will understand the following if you read it from beginning to end.

A brief overview

What is a Statement of Purpose, and why is it so important when applying for international studies?

A statement of purpose is a document you must submit with your application to universities and schools for advanced education. The full form of SOP, or statement of purpose, is highly significant in the admissions process. It allows the screening committee to understand the applicants better and establish their eligibility.

When admissions are open, colleges and universities get hundreds of applications from qualified applicants. They can’t admit everyone, only the best candidates. The selection committee examines academic excellence, domain knowledge, personality, social commitment, and other factors in each candidate’s SOPs before making a final judgment on their selection.

Why is SOP important?

A well-written SOP is an inevitable part of your admission. It is a way of impressing the admission officers. Even though your academic details, your score cards, and all other certificates are objectives for admission, SOP is the truly subjective aspect of your application. SOP gives the admission committee a chance to assess your life, your carrier goals, belief, subject knowledge, and vision. A good and well-written SOP reflects how clearly you can express your view using your writing skills.

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Let us consider the situation of reading a newspaper article and an interesting story. Most of us will be more interested in reading a story than an article. Because stories connect us emotionally whereas articles never. The best way to impress the admission authority is to write your story as an SOP. We must convey it in the best possible way to make it interesting. SOP gives you a real opportunity to stand out from the crowd
Before writing, we should have answers to many questions that the admission committee may not ask us openly but expect us to answer. Let us have a look at such kinds of things that are required in an SOP.

What should I include in my Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

In your statement of purpose, you should write about your reasons for choosing a particular course and university. In addition, you should explain how the course will help you advance your career. Aside from that, you should summarize your academic and professional credentials, as well as how your experiences have shaped your talents, future vision, and so on. It’s critical to understand what the selection committee is looking for in a candidate and tailor your SOP accordingly. Occasionally, the institute will provide you with instructions on how to compose your statement of intent. In such cases, it is critical that you carefully address all of those topics in your report.

Strategies to write a clear and powerful SOP?

Part 1- Introduction 

People are always confused with the introduction part. Here you should discuss what you are going to discuss in your SOP. You should mention your goals and interests. You can discuss the answers to some of the questions in this part.

  • Why do you want to do graduate studies in this particular place?
  • Why do you want to do this course?

If you are doing research-based studies you should explain it. If it is professional-based studies, you should explain it.

  • What are the skills and knowledge do you hope to gain through this program?
  • What do you want to do after completing this program?

You can connect this with your background in 2 to 3 lines.

Often students make the mistake of introducing themselves in the introduction part, actually forgetting the purpose of preparing the SOP.

Part 2 –  Academic and professional experience

In the second part, you should discuss the answers to the following questions.

  • What and what kind and how much experience do you have?
  • If you already have the work experience in the particular course enrolled, what skills do you hope to gain from this program?
  • How does the experience relate to this program?
  • While talking about your experience, you should always share vivid, concrete examples of the work that you have done. For instance, wrote or published papers,  did project work, made a presentation, or worked with a mentor. Give them those specific examples that make them believe that you are ready for graduate studies.

Part 3 – Regarding this course, the university

In the next part, the topics that are to be covered are

  • If you are applying for a country other than the U.S, particularly Eg: Canada, Australia, or Germany, you must answer the question of why you want to study in that country. For the U.S skip that question. 
  • Why do you want to study in that particular college?
  • How does your work connect with this course?
  • How does the course fulfill your needs and interests?
  • What are your expectations from the program and how are you going to contribute to the program.
  • Does the department have a particular methodology that you like or does it have certain assets of curriculum that appeals to you?
  • Is there any particular professor that you would like to work with? If there is anybody like that you can mention their names.

Part 4 – Career goals and closing of SOP

In this part, you can mention your immediate goals like where you want to work immediately after completing the course. Also, you can mention your lifetime goals and motivation. You should explain it very clearly and specifically. The immediate goal means to get a job in a particular company and the lifetime goal refers to the one like to become the CEO of a company.

In the last paragraph, you should include your willingness and readiness to join the course. Also, you must show them that you are ready to face all the challenges that are coming your way. Also, you should show them that you have the desire in you to succeed in your life through the selected course and you could do something different from a global perspective. 

What should be the length of the SOP?

Regarding the length of your statement of purpose, there are no hard and fast rules. However, there is a consensus among institutes that brief writeups are preferred. Another crucial thing to remember is to follow the institute’s guidelines. Be assured that the SOP is 500 words long if it says so. You may make it anywhere between 1000 and 1500 words if there are no precise directions.

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Some rules that make the SOP more impactful and unique:

There are several suggestions and tricks for writing a strong and impactful SOP. They’re all useful to some extent.

  • It should be interesting to read from start to finish.
  • It shouldn’t be excessively long.
  • There should be no duplication of points.
  • It should be devoid of errors.
  • It should be brief and to the point.
  • You should use simple English language, make it simple and easy to read.

How is the Purpose of the Statement different from the personal statement?

Your statement of purpose focuses on your credentials and qualifications to demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the job. Aside from these areas, your statement reveals your personality and states how well you fit within the institute’s social and cultural aspects. Most institutes require applicants for higher education programs to complete a statement of purpose. Students who choose to apply for a fellowship or scholarship in addition to their admission are requested to provide a personal statement. The statement of purpose is primarily focused on the course. Everything you write in it must be relevant to your chosen course. The personal statement is more generic. It deals with all the external influences that form your outlook on your job and higher education. At times, universities may advise you on what to include in your statement of intent. If you receive such instructions, follow them in the letter. If you’re writing a personal statement, follow any special instructions you’ve been given or write it in a standard manner.

How to write a perfect statement of purpose?

Introduce yourself with a captivating introduction

For a perfect statement of purpose, a captivating introduction is required. Prepare to write a compelling and captivating start that will keep the reader captivated by the document until the finish, even if it takes some time.

Organize paragraphs in a logical order

It is critical to structure paragraphs logically in the SOP to improve readability. Each paragraph should focus on a different topic, such as academic and professional backgrounds, future ambitions, motivations, etc.

Finish with an impactful summary

You must end your statement of purpose with a strong conclusion that reminds the reader about the major themes mentioned in the post.

Some mistakes that can be avoided while writing SOPs

While writing a statement of purpose, one must be careful enough to avoid common mistakes. As the selection panel reads hundreds of SOPs daily, they will quickly notice writeups that have common mistakes. Therefore, they will certainly favor such documents.
The nature of the content should be generic.
If you plan to apply to many institutes, create a unique SOP for each one. Ensure that you meet all of the institute’s requirements.

Don’t use hollow claims.

Avoid using description that sounds vague. For instance, if you claim an achievement, back it up with evidence.

Always use strong convictions.

When writing about your thoughts, avoid using terms like “I believe,” “I presume,” or “I feel.” Instead, your statement of purpose should reflect your strong beliefs.

Do not hide your weak points.

When writing about your thoughts. Strengthen your weak points with examples and statements that help you make it even more convincing.

Absence of coherence

Admissions officers will be less impressed if your SOP lacks a strong logical relationship between phrases and paragraphs. As a result, connect everything rationally.

Avoid overlength

An SOP that is too long will not impress the selection committee. Therefore, make it as short as possible while staying within the institute’s recommended word limit or following standard practice.

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Some basic tips that should be used while writing an SOP

Whether you’re applying to a college or university in your native country or overseas, you’ll need an SOP these days. The stronger your SOP, the more likely you are to get chosen. Follow these easy guidelines when writing your SOP.

  • Get it ready as soon as possible.

Get your SOP ready as soon as possible. However, it is preferable to have the final copy of your SOP at least two weeks ahead of time.

  • Make it interesting and easy to read.

In the SOP, avoid sounding overly formal. Instead, within the confines of a professional writing tone, try to be as personable, conversational, and fascinating as possible.

  • Use real experience

Develop real-life examples from your academic or professional life that fit nicely with your statement of academic purpose’s context.

  • Try to get an opinion from friends.

Give your SOP to your friends or coworkers to read once you’ve finished it. Their constructive criticism can be a powerful tool for improving your work.

  • Proofread

Don’t rush the completion of your SOP. Instead, prepare to proofread it several times. You will discover some areas to improve each time you read it.

  • Try to get professional assistance.

If you are unsure about the quality of your SOP, it is always a good idea to get professional assistance. However, taking any chances with your profession is not a good idea.

Final takeaway
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40 Practical Ideas For How To Work From Home And Earn Money In India

The whole globe witnessed tremendous changes in pre and post-pandemic scenarios. It affected the life and lifestyle of the masses. People love to spend more time indoors, and the concept of work from home is highly recognized these days.

Do you prefer an office job or work from home?

As the two sides of a coin both have advantages and adverse effects. However, the work from a home job makes you more energetic while avoiding traveling. It also opened the economic door of independence for homemakers. Homemakers can do work from home and make money.

Are you excited to know how to do work from home and earn money in India?

The article mentions the 40 work-from-home jobs in India for jobseekers irrespective of gender and age. If you are a job seeker or wish to do work from home, you are definitely in the right place and can choose your passionate field from the following job list.

Table of Contents

    Content Writing

    It includes article writing, website content writing, creative writing, blogging, etc. It requires some talent in writing and a sort of training and practice. It can be done as not only an employee of any firm but as a freelancer. There is also an opportunity to start a firm by oneself.

    Don’t worry; even if you have no prior experience, you can become a content writer. It’s no matter what your prior experience in writing. You will become a content writer if you have a strong desire and are ready to take action. If you like to know more about content writing, click on the link below.

    10 Doubts About How To Become A Content Writer You Should Clarify

    Online Academic Classes

    It is the time of online rather than offline. Everything is getting digitized. The face of the education system has changed. The system is shifting from traditional to modern.

    Are you interested in online academic classes?

    Anyone can take a class for primary students in various subjects It requires patience and skills more than knowledge.
    The tuition or classes for primary students is mentioned for everyone.
    If you have an extra qualification or an authority in a specified subject, then what are you waiting for?
    You only need a computer with a proper internet connection.
    You can make an advertisement and in the starting stage give publicity around your circle.
    You should ensure the exceptional quality of delivery in your class. Definitely, more pupils will follow you.

    The online classes also have opportunities in different entrance exam coaching and higher classes. It requires much expertise in the concerned subjects.

    Data Entry

    Many people are searching for data entry jobs to work from home.
    The data entry job has huge potential and the big companies are spending a lot of money on it. The data entry jobs from home are very suitable for housewives also. If you wish to know more on how to do data entry work from home, then Click Here

    Video Making

    It is vlogging particularly uploading for your YouTube Channel.
    One can make videos on various themes like cooking, entertainment,
    film review, etc. They can also share any knowledge like home decoration tips. So you can choose your interested topic and start to create high-quality videos.
    During the lockdown, most of the people started a youtube channel. The competition depends on the topic that you selected. But you must produce video content as per your passion, not merely focusing on the competition.
    You must try to produce unique video content with high quality and technically sound. A lot of people are making money through this online channel. If you put in a sincere effort and ready to wait for the result, you can also bag lakhs from youtube

    Making food items as small-scale industries.

    What work can I do from home?

    So far, we discussed online opportunities to make money from home. You can also focus on some offline business from home itself.
    It is providing income for various groups of women in different places.
    It requires small initial capital, skill, and marketing capability.
    It is prevalent to make food items from home. It may be by an entrepreneur or a group of people.
    The usual items include
    snacks etc.
    It can be sold as both retail and wholesale.
    It also requires better types of machinery for packing.


    Embroidery is a great skill and high demand, especially in the textile industry. The hand-made embroidery dresses cost more. People prefer handmade embroidery to machine works.
    Many institutions are giving training and skills in activities like embroidery, small-scale industries, etc. Here one should have the required skills along with interested people. The training can be in various fields like cooking, handicraft making, along the embroidery


    The tailor shop can be a profitable business, especially when it is run in the home itself. There is no requirement for separate rent paying spaces. It requires skill, creativity, and OK customer relations to make a good base for business.

    Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is an area with very high potential.

    Do you wish to learn digital marketing strategies?
    Anyone with a proper interest can learn and implement digital marketing techniques. The job requirements are vast in this domain.
    Many companies allow the work from the option. You can work as a digital marketer at home.
    You have the option to choose digital freelancing also.

    It includes digital marketing like Search Engine Optimisation having adequate skill and knowledge in it. It can be taken as freelancing or a part time job. There is a requirement of initial training for better understanding, and then the creativity can make it a success.

    Online counseling

    It is related to various mental pressures, depression, issues related to relationships, etc. The problems are common in busy modern life.
    The role of the counselor is related to understanding the issues and analyzing the status.
    The counselor should have the ability of conciliation and better interaction.


    It includes correcting books, research papers, and any other materials before printing. It can also include translation works. The correction work requires good knowledge of the language with a strong base in vocabulary and grammar.

    Agriculture related works

    It can be a better solution to produce food material for own consumption and also for selling.
    It is suitable for health to avoid vegetables that produced using pesticides. There is also a demand for organic food materials in the market. The various crops are vegetables, food grains, staple food, coconuts, and other oilseeds depending on the extent of land, irrigation facility, soil health, and demand in the market.

    Electrical and Mechanical Works

    It is an excellent opportunity for engineering graduates, ITI or vocational training, and engineering diploma holders.
    It can be a small shop attached to the home and will flourish according to skill. It can be a small electrical shop repairing watches, fans, television, radio, and other small equipment or a large workshop with helpers to repair motors and pumps.

    Interior Designing

    It can be a business with skill and creativity. The drawings, pattern in curtains, arranging room equipment, and furniture selection require an excellent creative sense and customer demand analysis.

    Catering of Homely food

    It can be a profitable business in cities where many students and employees from the hinterlands stay there.
    The requires healthy food at a low cost with fixed monthly charges.
    It brings a permanent customer base by providing good quality healthy food. It can be given as a parcel from home.

    Gardening and Nursery

    Horticulture and gardening can be high-value businesses in both rural and urban areas. The demand for flowering and indoor plants is growing in urban areas with development in vertical gardening of public and private spaces.
    The new technologies and vegetative propagation methods like budding, drafting, etc., can be employed for better productivity.

    Mentoring of Self Help Groups

    It can be done by providing expert advice to self help groups in running small scale firms. It can be done either as a part of an NGO or as a freelance.
    One’s leadership quality and professional experience are essential here.

    Auditing and accounting works

    This can be the right choice for anyone with an accountancy background
    in dealing with tax matters, auditing, etc. This completely depends on professional competence.

    Call Centre Work

    The call center work from home is also known as a virtual call .center. You can apply for this job. The companies require call center agents, and they provide the facilities like mobile phone, sim card, etc. You can work as a call center agent from home itself.

    Online Surveys

    Multi-National Companies are ready to pay billions of dollars on market research. So the job has enormous potential. It is also known as Market Research. The exciting thing is you can work according to your convenience, and there is no deadline and responsibilities. You can participate in the survey, and you will be get paid.
    Are you excited?

    DTP Works

    It includes copying the content online and preparering and design notices, posters, pamphlets, etc. It can also be done by translating the matter in the material if you know different languages. It will help to attract political organizations and others in a cosmopolitan city where pamphlets in various languages are required.

    Taking tuitions

    It includes students from various classes who can attend classes at teachers’ homes on weekends or after school sessions. It can be taken in multiple subjects and should have knowledge and teaching ability.
    If your searching for the answer for how to work part time from home?
    Taking tuition can also be a part time income along with other jobs or higher studies.


    You have the opportunity to have both online and offline consultancies. If you are an authority in a particular field, you can start a consultancy. You can charge from the clients according to your experience and knowledge.

    Performance Arts

    Regardless of age and gender, people are attracted to performance arts. It is always preferable to learn a performing art according to one’s taste. If you are talented in dance, music, acting, or other performing art forms, you can conduct classes at home. It is a perfect way of income generation.
    The online mode of performing arts classes is also prevalent at this time. If you have a computer with a stable internet connection, you can start online courses too.

    Freelance Programmer

    If you are good at coding, a lot of opportunities will come to you. Programming and coding is an evergreen requirement, especially in the digital world.

    Painting Classes

    You have both offline and online opportunities to take painting classes.
    If you are talented in painting, why don’t you think about painting classes?
    You can also draw the paintings as per the customer’s wish. The only thing you have to focus on the self promotion and exhibit your works in online mediums. You will get assignments by seeing your talent, and you can charge them.

    Yoga & Physical Training

    Most people follow a busy, hectic life. Excercise and peace of mind are essential for them. They prefer to attend yoga classes and other physical training programs as stress reliever and exercise. You can do courses and attain the certificate as an instructor.
    You can conduct the classes both offline and online mode.

    Web Designing

    Web designing has a huge potential in this day and age. Everything becomes digitized and everyone loves to approach modern ways of marketing. Having a website improves authenticity and credibility. So everyone prefers to have a website.

    Graphic Design

    It also has huge potential in the industry. You can earn a high amount of money if you have the graphic design skills. You can comfortably work from your space and earn.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Do you know what affiliate marketing is?

    You can earn a commission by promoting other (individual/company) products. You can promote the products in different ways, especially by using digital marketing techniques. You are rewarded with a certain amount of payment when the products get sold.
    If you wish to know more about affiliate marketing, then Click Here.

    Cloud Kitchen

    The concept is highly popularized in the time of the Covid 19 pandemic. It just likes a restaurant, whereas no direct seating and dining to the customers. The homemakers can use this opportunity where no direct link with customers takes the order from a third party agent or online.
    If you want to understand the concept, Click Here.

    Fish production

    It can be used as an additional income along with mainstream agriculture. It will also provide a stable income during lean seasons and in a world where the climate is changing. The government introduced various schemes to encourage inland fish production. This can bring good returns while people demand good fish products for a healthy life. So the business can attract a large customer base


    It depends on creativity and skill. The analysis of the demand of customers and consumption of locally available materials will reduce the requirement of raw materials. It does not require much investment while it can also be considered as a part time work. The market linkage is necessary to get wholesale customers. Once the customer base is created the business can be run smoothly

    Electronics and robotics

    Skilled professionals like engineering graduates and diploma holders can start without much investment. It does not require much space too. The skill and efficiency will decide the output and customer base. It can be run oneself without any helper or additional employee

    Freelance Photography

    If you have a passion for capturing unique snaps, then you can find income through your passion.
    You can upload your works to the free stock image sites, and you will be paid for that. You will get enormous online and offline opportunities once you proved your talent and skill.

    Beauty parlor

    If you pass the beautician course, you can run your parlor from home itself.


    If you are interested in home-based agribusiness, you can start any of the rearings as mentioned above cultures.

    Martial Arts Training

    Martial arts are included in the part of the academic curriculum. People are aware of the importance of being healthy and fit. If you are good at any of the martial arts, you can train the people.

    Voice Over

    Are you confident in your voice?
    Then you can try voice over jobs and can do from home itself.
    It is better to take a voice over course first. Then you will get the clarity and knowledge on what you are going to do.

    Freelance Reporter

    Are you interested in reporting the news?
    Many media giants are also looking for freelance reporters to report especially, the local news. If you have the desired skills, you can choose freelance reporting.

    Hand Crafts

    The hundred percentage custom made handcrafts have a huge demand in many industries. If you can create custom made enhancement designer handcrafts items, you heavily earn by sitting in the home. You have the opportunity to grow your skill as an enterprise according to your business.

    It is all about your interest and willingness to implement. If you dare to follow your passion consistently, you will get excellent results as early as possible. There are abundant opportunities around you. It would be best if you had the talent and efficiency to find the right one. You can choose the right path according to your wish. If you consistently produce high-quality results, you will become the authority in that area and earn according to your desire.

    You can earn money for bread and butter while sitting at home itself.
    Do you choose your niche from the list?
    Are you ready to start?
    The marvelous opportunities are just around you, find out and consistently work hard to achieve your goals.

    Content Writing English Blogs

    Content Writing Is The Best Answer To How To Earn Money At Home For A Housewife?

    “All work and no pay makes a housewife.”

    The quote depicts the hard reality of being a housewife.

    People are searching for the result ‘housewife or house maker which is correct?’ rather than identifying the pain of homemakers.

    Fatima, Rani, Sneha are three Indian homemakers, eagerly waiting for the answer to ‘how to earn money at home for a housewife?’

    The write-up illustrates the life of these three Housewives. Actually not. You can relate them to your life. So it is your story of struggling as a housewife.

    They live in the same city as we know that the poor and rich belong to different corners of an area.

    I always wonder whether the richest is sharing the space with all modern amenities and specialties and traveling in the most luxurious vehicle. Whereas the poorest also belong to the same city where they dwell in the slum area and walk on foot in the sunny middays.

    I don’t want to mislead you in a different direction.

    I like to emphasize the importance of money, not for luxury but to fulfill basic needs. You can understand how money changes the lives of people. Of course, cash matters. Money changes life and status.

    I don’t think money is the most important in life. But money can solve all money problems. I don’t want to deviate your attention from the core, even though the article also enlights you on how money can bring peace in life.

    You are in the right direction, and this content speaks about how to earn money at home for a housewife?

    Table of Contents

      Story One: Sneha

      As I already mentioned, these three housewives belong to the same city but in a different class. First, I would like to Introduce Sneha, who is an engineering graduate. Her husband is an established IT professional.

      She lives with all materialistic comforts. But she is not happy.

      Let us listen to her words,” I was not aware of the value of a job, especially the importance of income. I completed the Btech, and after that, I married Varun.

      We are economically stable, and my father gave the hefty dowry. Varun is incapable of making decisions and always depends on his parents for every single thing. The relationship between the in-laws and me was healthier initially, but later it was ruined. 

      Mother-in-law always tried to find time for back-bite and tease me. Whenever she had an opportunity, she teased me in front of others.

      Once, when a distant aunt introduced her daughter at a party, she had completed BTech and placed in a prestigious IT company. My mother-in-law used her chance and said,” Here also we have one Btech graduate but no job.”

      It was a huge insult to me, and I fought with Varun and got permission to go for a job. I feel bad about asking for money from my parents, even though they are always ready to meet my wishes.

      I couldn’t join a company, became pregnant and the doctor suggested taking bed rest. But I am not too happy to enjoy my pregnant days. I am looking for online job opportunities.

      What can I do sitting at home?

      Sneha has a lot to say about the humiliations that she faced.

      Can you find any similarities with your life?

      If not, you may be the heroine of the next story.

      Story Two: Rani

      It is the story of Rani, who studied up to BSc Physics. She has two children, a daughter, and a son. Her husband is working as a clerk in a government institution.

      Rani prepared for the PSC examination and went for coaching. She tried her best while taking care of all the household jobs and her husband and children.

      Rani couldn’t perform well and didn’t bag a government job. She is also not happy with her life.

      Here the main problem is her husband. Her husband meets the needs of the family. But he is a male chauvinist and not ready to respect and satisfy her or children’s wishes. He doesn’t consider her, in any matter, and teases that she had wasted his money by paying in the coaching institute.

      Poor Rani couldn’t meet her children’s needs and couldn’t say to her husband. That is why she started to take tuition for nearby students. The neighbors paid very little and took the opportunity as in a grant.

      Though she was happy and she could meet her children’s wish for sweets and toys.

      She is also looking for some online opportunities as the demands are increasing from the children.

      Can you relate your life with Rani?

      Here is the last story, the story of Fatima.

      Story Three: Fatima

      Fatima, who studied up to 12th standard, belongs to a low-income family and works hard to find the daily bread. She has a daughter, and her husband is a factory worker. She is happy with her relationships even if she is under economic pressure.

      Fatima is a tailor, loves her profession very much, and passionately stitches. She is a keen observer of the fashion world and tries to implement what she has seen in the fashion channel.

      Even though she doesn’t have the money to make a tailoring shop, she has a sewing machine and is kept in her tiny home’s narrow passage.

      That’s why she didn’t get many customers, instead, customers are not ready to come to her wretched home.

      She only gets a few orders that they already know her talent in stitching. The family can’t move forward with this meager income.

      She has to find a new and better job.

      What do you think?

      Can you feel the shades of your life while reading all these three stories?

      The answer will be ‘Yes Because almost all housewives are facing similar problems and humiliations.

      I have only one question;

      Is being a housewife easy?

      Definitely NO.

      It is one of the most challenging tasks to maintain the house and family.

      I think only women have the power and courage to do all these multi-activities with most accuracy.

      But the saddest thing is that people fail to recognize their greatness and are not ready to respect homemakers.

      The patriarchal society takes it as a token of grant. Women sacrifice her whole life as a housewife, and she doesn’t get social respect or economic benefits.

      It is essential that every woman should be economically independent.

      From the three stories mentioned earlier, it is evident that a woman’s economic independence determines her decision-making power, freedom, status, and respect. Irrespective of the financial background, all women are facing some common issues with society’s stigma. Society has most often failed to identify the real problems faced by women.

      It would be best if you were economically independent and should have the power to enjoy your rights. You should have a job.

      It is the innovative and modern period advanced with the latest technologies. It will be great if you get the opportunity to work from home. You can avoid traveling, no need to be exposed to pollution, and be energetic and enthusiastic about working from home. You can effectively produce quality works from home.

      Whatever the past, no matter.

      Be ready with a new present.

      It will lead to a dazzling future.

      How to earn money at home for a housewife in India?

      There are different types of online jobs available for the housewife.

      Here I mention one of the best jobs that you can do from home.

      That is Content Writing jobs for housewives.

      What happened?

      Are you going to stop reading?

      Does your mind say, ‘No way, I couldn’t become a content writer?’

      Then please listen to your brain.

      I repeatedly want to ask the same question.

      Is being a housewife easy?

      You people are beautifully handling one of the most formidable multitasking jobs in the world.

      If you can become a housewife, then definitely you can become a content writer.

      Believe me. You can. You have the power to do anything and can achieve anything.

      You already handled the toughest thing so that the rest will be easy for you.

      If you wish to have superb online opportunities to make money, content writing is best.

      Avoid your procrastination and believe you.

      Work for the goal, initially you may feel a little bit of difficulty developing your content writing skill. But once you are on the right path, it will be easy, and you can earn money from Content writing work from home jobs.

      If you do not have the confidence yet, then you can stop the reading and quit.

      Remember, once you learn to quit, it will be a habit. You may struggle, but don’t quit & stop.

      You already proved yourself as a responsible wife & mother by sincerely take care of your family. You are super heroin.

      Come on, and let’s together travel in the path of content writing.

      Let me rectify your misconceptions and doubts?

      How do I become a content writer with no experience?

      ‘I don’t have prior experience. Then how?’

      This may be your first query?

      No prior experience is required to become a content writer.

      If you are interested and ready to learn a new skill and implement your ideas, that’s enough.

      I don’t know English

      I don’t know English; then How?

      If you are serious with your content writing journey and put some consistent effort into studying English, you can start writing in English.

      You can start writing and produce content in your mother tongue.

      If you can provide a valuable piece of information, people will follow you.

      If you have the confidence to become a content writer, you can learn more and experience more.

      What do I write?

      Yes, your next doubt will be what you should write about?

      Here comes the term niche.

      No need to be afraid.

      What is a niche?

      It is an area of specification. That means it is always advisable to write about a specific topic rather than general writing. If you build authority in one particular niche, then no need to search for a job; the job will come to you.

      Be specific and select the most appropriate niche. And be specific to that niche as far as considering content writing as an income source.

      For example, Fatima, who has a passion for stitching and fashion, can be the same as her niche. And she can write about the modern trends in stitching.

      Rani, a Physics degree holder, and a tuition teacher can focus on academic topics. Especially in physics. She can write valuable, informative pieces for small children.

      Sneha, who has a technical background, can choose the same niche and produce exceptional content in that niche.

      Similarly, think about what will be your niche?

      You can choose your niche considering your Talent, Passion and Market

      Do content writing jobs really pay well?

      Don’t worry about the payment.

      Definitely, you will be paid high if you can produce fantastic quality content. The journey as a fresher may be a little bit tough for 2 to 3 months. Once you prove yourself in your niche, you will get work, and you can do it from your home itself.

      If you are ready to start your content writing journey, Click Here.

      If you want to know the steps you took to become a content writer in India, go through the article, ‘A Practical Guide on How to Become a Content Writer in India’ by Sanjay Shenoy, the famous Digital & Content Marketer, and SEO Consultant.

      Does the write-up become an inspirational one to start a new career?

      Please comment your opinion in the comment box.

      SEO English Blogs

      Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About How To Improve SEO Ranking On Google

      “It is my dream to be top in this niche, and our content would come first on search engines when people search on the specific topics in this niche. It’s my dream.” He emphasized the term dream as if he is doubtful of it.

      It was the first call by Tarun, a startup evangelist connected through LinkedIn.
      As an SEO content creator, it was easy to convince and educate him on the power of SEO. He realized that his dream is achievable if he has the determination and perseverance to consistently giving valuable content to his audience.

      Do you have a similar dream, or also having fear and doubts like Tarun on how to improve SEO ranking on google?
      Then eliminate your fear and doubts, follow these tips To Improve SEO Ranking.

      The primary and most important thing is you have to focus on enhancing the user experience. Apart from making exciting content to view and visit your website, you will be aware of other factors to improve SEO ranking.

      Table of Contents

        What is SEO?

        Before going to what SEO is, can we check what is SEO’s full form?

        SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

        SEO is the process of optimization of your website or webpage to improve its relevancy & authority by enhancing the user experience and organically rank high by the search engine.

        Here is a list of ideas to improve your SEO ranking.

        Content is king

        The content was/is/ will be king. So it is essential to ensure to make the most exciting & valuable topics so that people would view and visit your website. The first is to offer a range around the topic so that the visitor needs not look any further. Try to cover the subject and its subtopics entirely to address the visitor’s problem.

        You are offering such content signals to Google about your expertise in that topic or niche. Doing so improves your rankings, enhances the user experience, and decreases the bounce rate, which eventually benefits your rankings.

        Ensuring that your content is :

        • Grammatically correct
        • Free from mistakes
        • Does not stray away from the main point
        • Written to satisfy the needs of your target audience

        You can always remember the E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trust) formula.

        Be an Expert in your Niche

        Ensure your Authority

        Build Trust with your Audience.

        Click here, if you want to know How to become a good content writer?

        What is keyword in SEO ?

        Instead of stuffing keywords, You need to know what users are searching for to make your content relevant. Keywords are now categorized as keyword phrases, short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords, etc. Placing the keywords at the right places, for example, headings or subheadings can help you increase your content quality, consequently improving its SEO ranking.

        What is on-page SEO?

        On-page SEO techniques include:

        • how to write seo friendly article?

        Producing informative, unique, and up-to-date content. Ensure user first approch. You have to remember only one thing Content was/is/will be king and create user engaging with your content.

        • Creating descriptive and relevant title tags: It is the headline displayed within the search results and hence is the most significant to focus on.
        • Generating simple,short and descriptive URLs that can be read and understood by users and search engine crawlers
        • Create content hubs with relevant articles
        • Optimize your SEO titles and headings
        • how to optimize images for SEO? Optimize your images with alt text, and make sure the file size is below 60-70 KB for each of them. Don’t forget to add alt-text and appropriately descriptive file names to the pictures you upload!
        • Use LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords throughout your articles
        • Internal-link between different pages of your website

        What is off-page SEO?

        Off-page SEO includes different techniques such as acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable and relevant websites and sharing content such as blog posts and guides on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Slideshare

        Technical Soundness

        It’s also vital that you regularly check any technical errors with your website and frequently perform speed performance tests. Ensure that your website is functional, loads up quickly, and does not have missing pages, 404-errors, or anything else of alarm from the Google search console.


        Roger of RogerSenpai suggests a quick method for your post to be featured 1 on Google searches: One of my favorites yet easiest ways to improve SEO ranking is by simply providing a summary for my article. Google (and viewers too) LOVE to get the answer to the question right away.

        So if you can put a quick summary of your post at the top or bottom of your article, there’s a better chance that Google will feature your article on top of a keyword search as a rich snippet. 

        Mobile Optimization

        Simon Elkjær, the Chief Marketing Officer of avXperten, shares a significant element to improve the SEO ranking.

        He says, “The increased use of mobile search has made mobile optimization a key factor in SEO ranking which makes it more important for brands and companies to ensure that their websites perform well on mobile platforms. Making sure that your site is free of bugs, uses optimized images, and loads quickly on mobiles are a few simple but effective ways you can make your website more mobile-friendly.”

        Voice Search

        Jake Smith, Managing Director of Absolute Reg, shares an advanced and valuable tip on how to optimize your SEO ranking on Google. He says,” SEO optimization has become one of our best marketing strategies in increasing our online presence. It made our business more thriving.”

        He continues,”Improve your SEO ranking on Google by optimizing your site’s ability to fit for voice search results. Today, voice search or voice command becomes more than just a fad. It is now a “need.” It became one of the most reliable ways to search for information on the web. Why? Users loved the intuitiveness and convenience of voice search. For example, you don’t need your fingers (or even your hands) to search for “Where is the best restaurant in New York?”

        Craft content that speaks in a conversational language and provides answers to questions. Through this, Google’s algorithms will tag your content as appropriate and highly qualified for voice search results. As we walk through a more advanced world, it is anticipated that voice search will become more progressive in SEO. As a site owner or a marketer, it is your responsibility to keep up. Optimize your site’s content to be highly relevant on voice search results.”


        Jeff Neal, of Critter Depot, reveals their SEO strategy, it is to create product and tutorial videos for their products. He continues, “Videos are great for SEO because it increases on-page retention and time on site.  Time on site is a ranking factor that Google measures to determine how informative your website is to visitors.  If you create a detailed, informative video, and embed that video onto your website, you’re likely going to increase both retention and time on site, which will yield higher rankings.  Additionally, Youtube videos can also earn income from ads, which can be supplemental income for your website.”

        Google My Business account

        Raul Mercado, owner at Camping Helper put forwards,” One of the best ways to improve SEO ranking on Google is to create your own Google My Business account.

        Once you have your account set up and running you could appear on the first page of google without a website, without a blog, and without doing any keyword research. The best part is that you can still create posts as if you were marketing on social media and have all of your information available including services or products. 

        All companies can take advantage of setting up an account and all you’ll need is a physical address of some kind. You could even use a mailing address as a physical address so you could purchase a mailbox and use this as your physical address. Google My Business will send an authentication card and you’ll need to enter the code to confirm the address.”

        Updating Regularly

        Mark Coster an owner and chief editor of several niche websites, Stem Toy Expert, that mainly rely on SEO for their traffic, well placed to advise on SEO ranking factors. He lights on to one of the most important SEO ranking factors however, many SEO websites miss out on, and he mentions, that is updating your existing content regularly

        He says,” In our company, we dedicate over a third of our resources to regular content updates. In fact, three out of our eight full-time copyeditors and writers regularly work on revisiting old articles, checking if affiliate links are still valid if products are still in stock. They also edit these articles to make sure they are easy to read and well-formatted.

        In many cases, it means rewriting whole sections, resizing images to be less of a burden, getting rid of outdated or misleading information. Most importantly, we don’t only do it with our worst-performing content. On the contrary, our cornerstone content also gets updated on a regular basis. And Google likes it because it likes websites that put their users first.”

        Be Patient

        It is significant to be patient. As you have done all these steps to improve your SEO ranking in google, google takes its time to index and rank your content. It may take weeks or even months to index your article. After being indexed, time generally plays in favor of ranking higher.

        When it comes to SEO, there’s no such thing as ‘quick results’. SEO requires time, patience, and effort. Its success depends on a number of factors, such as your budget, skills, and how your site stacks up against the competition. The good news is, you can employ these tactics in order to make things happen sooner rather than later.

        Stick on your activities sincerely and be patient for the awesome results.

        Content Writing English Blogs

        10 Doubts About How To Become A Content Writer You Should Clarify

        One fine Saturday morning, I roamed on the internet to find an answer after the online coaching class. My mobile phone ranged, and the screen showed ‘Sreerag,’ a childhood friend of mine, CEO of Fabus frames & an enthusiast in e-commerce.

        “Are you busy?”

        I didn’t have any planning and particular program.
        I said yes, even if I was hungry after the morning class. I thought that the call would be ending soon, and after that, I had to have my breakfast.

        “Do you know how to become a content writer?”

        He was very fast on the other end.
        I also didn’t want to think a lot and answer.

        I was working as the Center Manager of an online PSC institution during that period. More than ten content writers worked there to prepare the questions and answers and to upload them to the app.

        Again my answer was Yes. I explained the experience with my content writers team.

        His words enlightened me that content writing is more than what I experience in the office. He explained in detail all the aspects of content writing. I actively consumed the content that he delivered. I was inspired, thrilled, and thrived in the world of content writing. That was the moment where I started my expedition as a professional content writer.

        Sreerag directed & briefly explained how to become a content writer in the phone call itself. He is the man who motivated and guided me to the wonderful world of content writing.

        I am here to mentor and accompany you on the journey of content writing. This write-up answers all your queries on how to become a content writer. First is first, avoid procrastination.
        Be confident you can write even if you have no experience. Believe you can.

        Table of Contents

          What is Content?

          The very general definition of content is that “It is any piece of valuable information and experience that is fed to the audience through publishing, art, and communication.”

          You know that Content writing is a growing field, and people are understanding and learning new ideas. Content writing became essential with the recent boom of the internet and held immense importance in all industries. Content writing is closely associated with content marketing and other digital marketing aspects. The process of planning, researching, reading, writing, and editing are ensembled in content writing.

          Who is a content writer?

          We say that a content writer creates content through which some values are bestowed to the target audience through different platforms like media, magazines, webpages, social media, etc.
          Content Writing includes writing blog posts, website articles, web content, scripts for videos and podcasts, and content for specific platforms, such as youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

          What does a content writer do?

          • Content Writer is the crucial element in almost all sectors. Content writing is closely associated with content marketing and other digital marketing aspects.
          • Marketing strategies are being carried out right from the writer’s end. Content should be reader-friendly, engaging, and informative. It’s meant to speak directly with a particular audience, such as customers, potential customers, investors, employees, or other stakeholders.
          • Content can be well-written, researched, and creatively conceived, but if it isn’t speaking to the intended audience, it’s not doing its job. The content is being optimized not after being written but from the initial stage when it is reported.
          • Writing good content involves smartly arranging and managing the marketing strategies and optimization processes within the write-up without affecting content value.
          • Content writing is used to influence people but, most importantly, reach more people. These days content is more about providing value to the consumer than just feeding the audience with information.

          How do I become a content writer with no experience?

          I am a passionate writer and used to write in my school and college days, and I felt happy writing something. I love to express my thoughts, views, and emotions through my pen. I feel relaxed when I write after an extraordinary situation that I had faced. The writing skill is deeply connected mentally and spiritually. I slowly realized that writing gives me inner peace and makes me confident and strengthened.

          How do you feel when the Passion becomes the profession?
          You know It will be the happiest thing if passion turns to become a profession.

          No need to misunderstand; I also became a content writer with no experience. Content writing is different from creative writing. It’s no matter what your prior experience in writing. You will become a content writer if you have a strong desire and are ready to take action.

          In my story, I started to concentrate and learn content writing strategies and familiarized myself with many approaches, techniques, and tools. The most important thing is don’t be a mere content consumer, be an active learner, and take action to implement what you have learned.

          How do I practice content writing?

          There is no shortcut to becoming a successful content writer. The only mantra is Learn and Implement.
          Read and Write.
          Write and Edit.

          What are the types of content writing niches?

          1. Content Creators/ Developers
          2. Content Strategist
          3. SEO Content Writers
          4. Social Media Posts
          5. Website Content Writers
          6. Technical Writers
          7. Academic Writers or Researchers
          8. Ad and promo writer
          9. Bloggers
          10. Editors
          11. Copywriters
          12. Proofreaders
          13. Podcast titles
          14. Email Writers
          15. Video/Audio Scripts
          16. White Papers
          17. Brand Journalists
          18. Curriculum Designer
          19. Script Writer
          20. Instructional Designers
          21. Subject Matter Experts
          22. Ghostwriter
          23. Article Writer
          24. Newsletters
          25. Speeches

          How to become a good content writer?

          How to write better contents?

          Better contents are born when the writer knows the intent and what the purpose of writing is. The content should be Informative, Valuable, and Clear.
          And the writing should be

          What skills a Content Writer Need?

          • Needs to understand the user intent and the audience.
          • Research a lot
          • Be master in different types of writing styles
          •  Improve Networking
          • Strong Knowledge of the subjects
          • Be unique and original
          • Keep Evolving

          How to become a successful content writer?

          You can follow these tips to become a successful content writer.

          • Each piece of content should have only one point
          • Write a Head-Turning Headline
          • Make the introduction the best
          • Broaden the work spheres
          • Write quickly and perform under tight deadlines
          • Write as simple as possible, with no scope for exaggeration
          • Active participation in Social Media
          • Read-Read-Read
          • Write-Write -Write
          • Edit-Edit-Edit

          How to become a content writer online?

          It is effortless to become an online content writer in this digital era. There are many opportunities to consume and create content through online medium. You can create your writing platform in blogger, medium, Weebly, Wix,, etc. If you wish to have a website, then you can purchase your domain and hosting. The only thing you have to focus on is to produce excellent quality unique content. That brings traffic to your site, and you will be recognized and noticed.

          How to become a content writer in India?

          Of course, you wish to become a content writer and may be seeking a job. If you want to know the steps you took to become a content writer in India, go through the article, ‘A Practical Guide on How to Become a Content Writer in India’ by Sanjay Shenoy, the famous Digital & Content Marketer, and SEO Consultant.

          How to become a content writer in Quora?

          Quora is a powerful question and answer platform where you can ask questions and write answers. Your chance of getting noticed and recognized will increase If you can make a consistent presence in Quora. It is advisable to writes and gives solutions to topics specified to your niche.


          Content writing continues to dominate online marketing, and the demand for expert copywriters with content marketing skills is increasing day by day. The written word is a powerful medium of expression of thoughts, ideas, opinions, and by extension of oneself. By producing high-quality content that provides value to readers, solves their problems, and gives them new insights. You have one and only one responsibility to deliver exceptional quality content.

          Digital Marketing English Blogs

          The Ultimate Revelation Of How To Learn Digital Marketing

          Who is your favorite teacher?

          It will be one who influences and inspires you most.

          It will be one who shows you where to look but doesn’t tell you what to see. 

          Does that warmhearted, caring face light up in your mind?

          I also have some favorite teachers in my lower grades. But I couldn’t remember any good teachers from my higher classes. I have the memory that most of them came to class and stood as robots and explained the textbook. I couldn’t even respect them as the guru. I hate all those teachers who couldn’t positively impact students’ academic and personal life. There is no need to emphasize much about the importance of a good teacher. Unfortunately, I don’t have one after my school days. I am recently blessed to have a great guru who inspired and redefined my life with his guidance. I have met him in the journey of how to learn digital marketing

          Table of Contents

            Digital Marketing Internship

            Various sources are available to learn digital marketing in this digital era. You know It is effortless to find Digital marketing internships and courses at very affordable prices from internet sources, but finding an excellent and effective digital marketing internship program is challenging. 

            Here I would like to introduce a unique program that upskills your digital marketing capabilities and sharpens your professionalism and confidence. It is not just a course. It is much more than that.It is Digital Deepak Internship Programme (DDIP) by the great mentor Digital Deepak and team. DDIP is not just a course. It is much more than that. Digital Deepak is an expert in Digital Marketing and a man of virtues and values. 

            You are in the right place if you are ready to learn, take the actions, and implement them. I am an intern of Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP), Batch 5.Digital Deepak is the best mentor I have ever met in my life.

            I can refer you to Digital Deepak to learn digital marketing without any second thought. The course is highly effective and life-changing.

            Why Digital Deepak?

            Maybe you are not convinced. Of course, you have the question of why Digital Deepak. Why because it finds the solution for your following queries.

            How to learn digital marketing at home?

            Digital Deepak Internship Program is an online course, and you can attend the sessions from home itself. 

            All love to spend more time indoors after Kovid 19 pandemic. I lost the job amid the pandemic, and life was more formidable at that time. I faced more pressure from the surroundings in terms of career and financial stability. I followed the principles of happiness and tried to enjoy the moments. Even though nobody wants to hear me, even if I am telling the quench of life, enjoy the moments. I realized that people like to follow only the proven personalities. Unless I am successful in my career, only people won’t hear even though I share the most valuable advice. 

            The week one ‘Success Mindset’ itself is priceless. It enlightens the most relevant and valuable ideas that help achieve success in personal and professional life. I felt more empowered and started to believe in myself after the very first session. I became relaxed and acquired the power to protect myself from the unwanted external pressure and involvement.

            I don’t think any other digital marketing internship program empowers and evolves you like this.

            How to learn digital marketing online?

            No worries, DDIP is an online program, and you can sit in your space of comfort and attend the recorded classes. The program is entirely structured in the online mode.

            How to learn digital marketing free? 

            You have to deposit an amount while joining the Digital Deepak Internship Program. If you are ready to take the actions, technically, it is free, and you will get your full money as cashback.  

            Can you believe this?

            What you have to do is submit the assignment on time. Every week, a new assignment window will open for you in LMS, and you will get enough time to understand, analyze and complete each assignment. The Digital Deepak team is also assuring you 100% assignment approval guarantee. You have the option to resubmit if the assignment doesn’t meet the required standards.

            You will have the opportunity to get a bonus also. And if you are a top action taker and learner who is among the 25 top interns in the batch, you will get Rs 9000/- extra as a Bonus. You are indeed getting more than you have invested in this program in terms of money and valuable knowledge. I was happy to pay the entire amount. It’s worth more than that five digits and priceless. You will also get the opportunity to work with the Digital Deepak team to show some excellent outcomes from the Internship Program.

            How to learn digital marketing step by step?

            Digital Deepak takes a great effort from his side to teach all these digital marketing techniques. He shares his business strategy too, and no one doesn’t do it. All the contents he provided in the LMS are valuable and worthwhile.

            He doesn’t want to spoon-feed or shower mere facts. Instead, he shares his abundant experiences and familiarizes the practical sides and possibilities, which delegate us to face practical situations.

            It is a twelve-week program and one new video content is published each week. The course structure beautifully comprises the entire digital marketing Ideas. DDIP helps to learn digital marketing step by step.

            How long does it take to learn digital marketing?

            Facebook and Google ads and other digital marketing strategies can not learn from one week or one month or doing an assignment. But what he is doing is that he details explain all those things, and assignments give us practical knowledge. In the entire program, he shares his best and seed digital marketing ideas with us. Digital Deepak and his team watered and provided the best atmosphere to grow the seed tremendously. We have to learn and explore further to construct our digital marketing empire, where Digital Deepak and the team strongly build the basement.

            Is it easy to learn digital marketing?

            It is not a big deal to learn digital marketing. Anyone can learn Digital Marketing with accurate knowledge and ready to apply and implement it.

            What skills do you need for digital marketing

            I am an ME holder in Mechatronics, and after completing the ME, I went for some competitive examination preparation. I worked in a private firm, and life became chaotic in terms of money and external pressure when I lost the job. I don’t have any prior skill in digital marketing. I realized I have to improve and update the skills to ensure a prosperous existence. 

            I gradually learned many things from the DDIP and sharpened the skills to push me to move forward with more confidence. It enshrines the power to look for jobs in this area; I attended many telephonic interviews and enthusiastically conversed with confidence.  I am selected for some of the positions also. I started to share my knowledge with my friend’s group and attained the confidence to mentor also. I started my freelancing works., I have a thirst to learn more and implement more. 

            If I can, Why not you?

            Your background, degree, and all other things do not matter to learn digital marketing, and only you need the consistent power to do two things as Learn & Implement.

            One of the significant attractions to DDIP is the realization of learning never ends. Digital Deepak conducts mastermind calls for his interns and helps us to learn and update new things. He is always an action taker, and he pursues his interns and takes action and helps achieve their goals.

            I know that you have many more queries like,

            Is digital marketing a good career?

            How do you get a job in digital marketing?

            You can find out the answer for all queries related to digital marketing from Digital Deepak and follow him to ensure a successful digital marketing career.