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Content Writing Is The Best Answer To How To Earn Money At Home For A Housewife?

“All work and no pay makes a housewife.”

The quote depicts the hard reality of being a housewife.

People are searching for the result ‘housewife or house maker which is correct?’ rather than identifying the pain of homemakers.

Fatima, Rani, Sneha are three Indian homemakers, eagerly waiting for the answer to ‘how to earn money at home for a housewife?’

The write-up illustrates the life of these three Housewives. Actually not. You can relate them to your life. So it is your story of struggling as a housewife.

They live in the same city as we know that the poor and rich belong to different corners of an area.

I always wonder whether the richest is sharing the space with all modern amenities and specialties and traveling in the most luxurious vehicle. Whereas the poorest also belong to the same city where they dwell in the slum area and walk on foot in the sunny middays.

I don’t want to mislead you in a different direction.

I like to emphasize the importance of money, not for luxury but to fulfill basic needs. You can understand how money changes the lives of people. Of course, cash matters. Money changes life and status.

I don’t think money is the most important in life. But money can solve all money problems. I don’t want to deviate your attention from the core, even though the article also enlights you on how money can bring peace in life.

You are in the right direction, and this content speaks about how to earn money at home for a housewife?

Table of Contents

    Story One: Sneha

    As I already mentioned, these three housewives belong to the same city but in a different class. First, I would like to Introduce Sneha, who is an engineering graduate. Her husband is an established IT professional.

    She lives with all materialistic comforts. But she is not happy.

    Let us listen to her words,” I was not aware of the value of a job, especially the importance of income. I completed the Btech, and after that, I married Varun.

    We are economically stable, and my father gave the hefty dowry. Varun is incapable of making decisions and always depends on his parents for every single thing. The relationship between the in-laws and me was healthier initially, but later it was ruined. 

    Mother-in-law always tried to find time for back-bite and tease me. Whenever she had an opportunity, she teased me in front of others.

    Once, when a distant aunt introduced her daughter at a party, she had completed BTech and placed in a prestigious IT company. My mother-in-law used her chance and said,” Here also we have one Btech graduate but no job.”

    It was a huge insult to me, and I fought with Varun and got permission to go for a job. I feel bad about asking for money from my parents, even though they are always ready to meet my wishes.

    I couldn’t join a company, became pregnant and the doctor suggested taking bed rest. But I am not too happy to enjoy my pregnant days. I am looking for online job opportunities.

    What can I do sitting at home?

    Sneha has a lot to say about the humiliations that she faced.

    Can you find any similarities with your life?

    If not, you may be the heroine of the next story.

    Story Two: Rani

    It is the story of Rani, who studied up to BSc Physics. She has two children, a daughter, and a son. Her husband is working as a clerk in a government institution.

    Rani prepared for the PSC examination and went for coaching. She tried her best while taking care of all the household jobs and her husband and children.

    Rani couldn’t perform well and didn’t bag a government job. She is also not happy with her life.

    Here the main problem is her husband. Her husband meets the needs of the family. But he is a male chauvinist and not ready to respect and satisfy her or children’s wishes. He doesn’t consider her, in any matter, and teases that she had wasted his money by paying in the coaching institute.

    Poor Rani couldn’t meet her children’s needs and couldn’t say to her husband. That is why she started to take tuition for nearby students. The neighbors paid very little and took the opportunity as in a grant.

    Though she was happy and she could meet her children’s wish for sweets and toys.

    She is also looking for some online opportunities as the demands are increasing from the children.

    Can you relate your life with Rani?

    Here is the last story, the story of Fatima.

    Story Three: Fatima

    Fatima, who studied up to 12th standard, belongs to a low-income family and works hard to find the daily bread. She has a daughter, and her husband is a factory worker. She is happy with her relationships even if she is under economic pressure.

    Fatima is a tailor, loves her profession very much, and passionately stitches. She is a keen observer of the fashion world and tries to implement what she has seen in the fashion channel.

    Even though she doesn’t have the money to make a tailoring shop, she has a sewing machine and is kept in her tiny home’s narrow passage.

    That’s why she didn’t get many customers, instead, customers are not ready to come to her wretched home.

    She only gets a few orders that they already know her talent in stitching. The family can’t move forward with this meager income.

    She has to find a new and better job.

    What do you think?

    Can you feel the shades of your life while reading all these three stories?

    The answer will be ‘Yes Because almost all housewives are facing similar problems and humiliations.

    I have only one question;

    Is being a housewife easy?

    Definitely NO.

    It is one of the most challenging tasks to maintain the house and family.

    I think only women have the power and courage to do all these multi-activities with most accuracy.

    But the saddest thing is that people fail to recognize their greatness and are not ready to respect homemakers.

    The patriarchal society takes it as a token of grant. Women sacrifice her whole life as a housewife, and she doesn’t get social respect or economic benefits.

    It is essential that every woman should be economically independent.

    From the three stories mentioned earlier, it is evident that a woman’s economic independence determines her decision-making power, freedom, status, and respect. Irrespective of the financial background, all women are facing some common issues with society’s stigma. Society has most often failed to identify the real problems faced by women.

    It would be best if you were economically independent and should have the power to enjoy your rights. You should have a job.

    It is the innovative and modern period advanced with the latest technologies. It will be great if you get the opportunity to work from home. You can avoid traveling, no need to be exposed to pollution, and be energetic and enthusiastic about working from home. You can effectively produce quality works from home.

    Whatever the past, no matter.

    Be ready with a new present.

    It will lead to a dazzling future.

    How to earn money at home for a housewife in India?

    There are different types of online jobs available for the housewife.

    Here I mention one of the best jobs that you can do from home.

    That is Content Writing jobs for housewives.

    What happened?

    Are you going to stop reading?

    Does your mind say, ‘No way, I couldn’t become a content writer?’

    Then please listen to your brain.

    I repeatedly want to ask the same question.

    Is being a housewife easy?

    You people are beautifully handling one of the most formidable multitasking jobs in the world.

    If you can become a housewife, then definitely you can become a content writer.

    Believe me. You can. You have the power to do anything and can achieve anything.

    You already handled the toughest thing so that the rest will be easy for you.

    If you wish to have superb online opportunities to make money, content writing is best.

    Avoid your procrastination and believe you.

    Work for the goal, initially you may feel a little bit of difficulty developing your content writing skill. But once you are on the right path, it will be easy, and you can earn money from Content writing work from home jobs.

    If you do not have the confidence yet, then you can stop the reading and quit.

    Remember, once you learn to quit, it will be a habit. You may struggle, but don’t quit & stop.

    You already proved yourself as a responsible wife & mother by sincerely take care of your family. You are super heroin.

    Come on, and let’s together travel in the path of content writing.

    Let me rectify your misconceptions and doubts?

    How do I become a content writer with no experience?

    ‘I don’t have prior experience. Then how?’

    This may be your first query?

    No prior experience is required to become a content writer.

    If you are interested and ready to learn a new skill and implement your ideas, that’s enough.

    I don’t know English

    I don’t know English; then How?

    If you are serious with your content writing journey and put some consistent effort into studying English, you can start writing in English.

    You can start writing and produce content in your mother tongue.

    If you can provide a valuable piece of information, people will follow you.

    If you have the confidence to become a content writer, you can learn more and experience more.

    What do I write?

    Yes, your next doubt will be what you should write about?

    Here comes the term niche.

    No need to be afraid.

    What is a niche?

    It is an area of specification. That means it is always advisable to write about a specific topic rather than general writing. If you build authority in one particular niche, then no need to search for a job; the job will come to you.

    Be specific and select the most appropriate niche. And be specific to that niche as far as considering content writing as an income source.

    For example, Fatima, who has a passion for stitching and fashion, can be the same as her niche. And she can write about the modern trends in stitching.

    Rani, a Physics degree holder, and a tuition teacher can focus on academic topics. Especially in physics. She can write valuable, informative pieces for small children.

    Sneha, who has a technical background, can choose the same niche and produce exceptional content in that niche.

    Similarly, think about what will be your niche?

    You can choose your niche considering your Talent, Passion and Market

    Do content writing jobs really pay well?

    Don’t worry about the payment.

    Definitely, you will be paid high if you can produce fantastic quality content. The journey as a fresher may be a little bit tough for 2 to 3 months. Once you prove yourself in your niche, you will get work, and you can do it from your home itself.

    If you are ready to start your content writing journey, Click Here.

    If you want to know the steps you took to become a content writer in India, go through the article, ‘A Practical Guide on How to Become a Content Writer in India’ by Sanjay Shenoy, the famous Digital & Content Marketer, and SEO Consultant.

    Does the write-up become an inspirational one to start a new career?

    Please comment your opinion in the comment box.

    Content Writing English Blogs

    10 Doubts About How To Become A Content Writer You Should Clarify

    One fine Saturday morning, I roamed on the internet to find an answer after the online coaching class. My mobile phone ranged, and the screen showed ‘Sreerag,’ a childhood friend of mine, CEO of Fabus frames & an enthusiast in e-commerce.

    “Are you busy?”

    I didn’t have any planning and particular program.
    I said yes, even if I was hungry after the morning class. I thought that the call would be ending soon, and after that, I had to have my breakfast.

    “Do you know how to become a content writer?”

    He was very fast on the other end.
    I also didn’t want to think a lot and answer.

    I was working as the Center Manager of an online PSC institution during that period. More than ten content writers worked there to prepare the questions and answers and to upload them to the app.

    Again my answer was Yes. I explained the experience with my content writers team.

    His words enlightened me that content writing is more than what I experience in the office. He explained in detail all the aspects of content writing. I actively consumed the content that he delivered. I was inspired, thrilled, and thrived in the world of content writing. That was the moment where I started my expedition as a professional content writer.

    Sreerag directed & briefly explained how to become a content writer in the phone call itself. He is the man who motivated and guided me to the wonderful world of content writing.

    I am here to mentor and accompany you on the journey of content writing. This write-up answers all your queries on how to become a content writer. First is first, avoid procrastination.
    Be confident you can write even if you have no experience. Believe you can.

    Table of Contents

      What is Content?

      The very general definition of content is that “It is any piece of valuable information and experience that is fed to the audience through publishing, art, and communication.”

      You know that Content writing is a growing field, and people are understanding and learning new ideas. Content writing became essential with the recent boom of the internet and held immense importance in all industries. Content writing is closely associated with content marketing and other digital marketing aspects. The process of planning, researching, reading, writing, and editing are ensembled in content writing.

      Who is a content writer?

      We say that a content writer creates content through which some values are bestowed to the target audience through different platforms like media, magazines, webpages, social media, etc.
      Content Writing includes writing blog posts, website articles, web content, scripts for videos and podcasts, and content for specific platforms, such as youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

      What does a content writer do?

      • Content Writer is the crucial element in almost all sectors. Content writing is closely associated with content marketing and other digital marketing aspects.
      • Marketing strategies are being carried out right from the writer’s end. Content should be reader-friendly, engaging, and informative. It’s meant to speak directly with a particular audience, such as customers, potential customers, investors, employees, or other stakeholders.
      • Content can be well-written, researched, and creatively conceived, but if it isn’t speaking to the intended audience, it’s not doing its job. The content is being optimized not after being written but from the initial stage when it is reported.
      • Writing good content involves smartly arranging and managing the marketing strategies and optimization processes within the write-up without affecting content value.
      • Content writing is used to influence people but, most importantly, reach more people. These days content is more about providing value to the consumer than just feeding the audience with information.

      How do I become a content writer with no experience?

      I am a passionate writer and used to write in my school and college days, and I felt happy writing something. I love to express my thoughts, views, and emotions through my pen. I feel relaxed when I write after an extraordinary situation that I had faced. The writing skill is deeply connected mentally and spiritually. I slowly realized that writing gives me inner peace and makes me confident and strengthened.

      How do you feel when the Passion becomes the profession?
      You know It will be the happiest thing if passion turns to become a profession.

      No need to misunderstand; I also became a content writer with no experience. Content writing is different from creative writing. It’s no matter what your prior experience in writing. You will become a content writer if you have a strong desire and are ready to take action.

      In my story, I started to concentrate and learn content writing strategies and familiarized myself with many approaches, techniques, and tools. The most important thing is don’t be a mere content consumer, be an active learner, and take action to implement what you have learned.

      How do I practice content writing?

      There is no shortcut to becoming a successful content writer. The only mantra is Learn and Implement.
      Read and Write.
      Write and Edit.

      What are the types of content writing niches?

      1. Content Creators/ Developers
      2. Content Strategist
      3. SEO Content Writers
      4. Social Media Posts
      5. Website Content Writers
      6. Technical Writers
      7. Academic Writers or Researchers
      8. Ad and promo writer
      9. Bloggers
      10. Editors
      11. Copywriters
      12. Proofreaders
      13. Podcast titles
      14. Email Writers
      15. Video/Audio Scripts
      16. White Papers
      17. Brand Journalists
      18. Curriculum Designer
      19. Script Writer
      20. Instructional Designers
      21. Subject Matter Experts
      22. Ghostwriter
      23. Article Writer
      24. Newsletters
      25. Speeches

      How to become a good content writer?

      How to write better contents?

      Better contents are born when the writer knows the intent and what the purpose of writing is. The content should be Informative, Valuable, and Clear.
      And the writing should be

      What skills a Content Writer Need?

      • Needs to understand the user intent and the audience.
      • Research a lot
      • Be master in different types of writing styles
      •  Improve Networking
      • Strong Knowledge of the subjects
      • Be unique and original
      • Keep Evolving

      How to become a successful content writer?

      You can follow these tips to become a successful content writer.

      • Each piece of content should have only one point
      • Write a Head-Turning Headline
      • Make the introduction the best
      • Broaden the work spheres
      • Write quickly and perform under tight deadlines
      • Write as simple as possible, with no scope for exaggeration
      • Active participation in Social Media
      • Read-Read-Read
      • Write-Write -Write
      • Edit-Edit-Edit

      How to become a content writer online?

      It is effortless to become an online content writer in this digital era. There are many opportunities to consume and create content through online medium. You can create your writing platform in blogger, medium, Weebly, Wix,, etc. If you wish to have a website, then you can purchase your domain and hosting. The only thing you have to focus on is to produce excellent quality unique content. That brings traffic to your site, and you will be recognized and noticed.

      How to become a content writer in India?

      Of course, you wish to become a content writer and may be seeking a job. If you want to know the steps you took to become a content writer in India, go through the article, ‘A Practical Guide on How to Become a Content Writer in India’ by Sanjay Shenoy, the famous Digital & Content Marketer, and SEO Consultant.

      How to become a content writer in Quora?

      Quora is a powerful question and answer platform where you can ask questions and write answers. Your chance of getting noticed and recognized will increase If you can make a consistent presence in Quora. It is advisable to writes and gives solutions to topics specified to your niche.


      Content writing continues to dominate online marketing, and the demand for expert copywriters with content marketing skills is increasing day by day. The written word is a powerful medium of expression of thoughts, ideas, opinions, and by extension of oneself. By producing high-quality content that provides value to readers, solves their problems, and gives them new insights. You have one and only one responsibility to deliver exceptional quality content.