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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About How To Improve SEO Ranking On Google

“It is my dream to be top in this niche, and our content would come first on search engines when people search on the specific topics in this niche. It’s my dream.” He emphasized the term dream as if he is doubtful of it.

It was the first call by Tarun, a startup evangelist connected through LinkedIn.
As an SEO content creator, it was easy to convince and educate him on the power of SEO. He realized that his dream is achievable if he has the determination and perseverance to consistently giving valuable content to his audience.

Do you have a similar dream, or also having fear and doubts like Tarun on how to improve SEO ranking on google?
Then eliminate your fear and doubts, follow these tips To Improve SEO Ranking.

The primary and most important thing is you have to focus on enhancing the user experience. Apart from making exciting content to view and visit your website, you will be aware of other factors to improve SEO ranking.

Table of Contents

    What is SEO?

    Before going to what SEO is, can we check what is SEO’s full form?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

    SEO is the process of optimization of your website or webpage to improve its relevancy & authority by enhancing the user experience and organically rank high by the search engine.

    Here is a list of ideas to improve your SEO ranking.

    Content is king

    The content was/is/ will be king. So it is essential to ensure to make the most exciting & valuable topics so that people would view and visit your website. The first is to offer a range around the topic so that the visitor needs not look any further. Try to cover the subject and its subtopics entirely to address the visitor’s problem.

    You are offering such content signals to Google about your expertise in that topic or niche. Doing so improves your rankings, enhances the user experience, and decreases the bounce rate, which eventually benefits your rankings.

    Ensuring that your content is :

    • Grammatically correct
    • Free from mistakes
    • Does not stray away from the main point
    • Written to satisfy the needs of your target audience

    You can always remember the E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trust) formula.

    Be an Expert in your Niche

    Ensure your Authority

    Build Trust with your Audience.

    Click here, if you want to know How to become a good content writer?

    What is keyword in SEO ?

    Instead of stuffing keywords, You need to know what users are searching for to make your content relevant. Keywords are now categorized as keyword phrases, short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords, etc. Placing the keywords at the right places, for example, headings or subheadings can help you increase your content quality, consequently improving its SEO ranking.

    What is on-page SEO?

    On-page SEO techniques include:

    • how to write seo friendly article?

    Producing informative, unique, and up-to-date content. Ensure user first approch. You have to remember only one thing Content was/is/will be king and create user engaging with your content.

    • Creating descriptive and relevant title tags: It is the headline displayed within the search results and hence is the most significant to focus on.
    • Generating simple,short and descriptive URLs that can be read and understood by users and search engine crawlers
    • Create content hubs with relevant articles
    • Optimize your SEO titles and headings
    • how to optimize images for SEO? Optimize your images with alt text, and make sure the file size is below 60-70 KB for each of them. Don’t forget to add alt-text and appropriately descriptive file names to the pictures you upload!
    • Use LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords throughout your articles
    • Internal-link between different pages of your website

    What is off-page SEO?

    Off-page SEO includes different techniques such as acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable and relevant websites and sharing content such as blog posts and guides on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Slideshare

    Technical Soundness

    It’s also vital that you regularly check any technical errors with your website and frequently perform speed performance tests. Ensure that your website is functional, loads up quickly, and does not have missing pages, 404-errors, or anything else of alarm from the Google search console.


    Roger of RogerSenpai suggests a quick method for your post to be featured 1 on Google searches: One of my favorites yet easiest ways to improve SEO ranking is by simply providing a summary for my article. Google (and viewers too) LOVE to get the answer to the question right away.

    So if you can put a quick summary of your post at the top or bottom of your article, there’s a better chance that Google will feature your article on top of a keyword search as a rich snippet. 

    Mobile Optimization

    Simon Elkjær, the Chief Marketing Officer of avXperten, shares a significant element to improve the SEO ranking.

    He says, “The increased use of mobile search has made mobile optimization a key factor in SEO ranking which makes it more important for brands and companies to ensure that their websites perform well on mobile platforms. Making sure that your site is free of bugs, uses optimized images, and loads quickly on mobiles are a few simple but effective ways you can make your website more mobile-friendly.”

    Voice Search

    Jake Smith, Managing Director of Absolute Reg, shares an advanced and valuable tip on how to optimize your SEO ranking on Google. He says,” SEO optimization has become one of our best marketing strategies in increasing our online presence. It made our business more thriving.”

    He continues,”Improve your SEO ranking on Google by optimizing your site’s ability to fit for voice search results. Today, voice search or voice command becomes more than just a fad. It is now a “need.” It became one of the most reliable ways to search for information on the web. Why? Users loved the intuitiveness and convenience of voice search. For example, you don’t need your fingers (or even your hands) to search for “Where is the best restaurant in New York?”

    Craft content that speaks in a conversational language and provides answers to questions. Through this, Google’s algorithms will tag your content as appropriate and highly qualified for voice search results. As we walk through a more advanced world, it is anticipated that voice search will become more progressive in SEO. As a site owner or a marketer, it is your responsibility to keep up. Optimize your site’s content to be highly relevant on voice search results.”


    Jeff Neal, of Critter Depot, reveals their SEO strategy, it is to create product and tutorial videos for their products. He continues, “Videos are great for SEO because it increases on-page retention and time on site.  Time on site is a ranking factor that Google measures to determine how informative your website is to visitors.  If you create a detailed, informative video, and embed that video onto your website, you’re likely going to increase both retention and time on site, which will yield higher rankings.  Additionally, Youtube videos can also earn income from ads, which can be supplemental income for your website.”

    Google My Business account

    Raul Mercado, owner at Camping Helper put forwards,” One of the best ways to improve SEO ranking on Google is to create your own Google My Business account.

    Once you have your account set up and running you could appear on the first page of google without a website, without a blog, and without doing any keyword research. The best part is that you can still create posts as if you were marketing on social media and have all of your information available including services or products. 

    All companies can take advantage of setting up an account and all you’ll need is a physical address of some kind. You could even use a mailing address as a physical address so you could purchase a mailbox and use this as your physical address. Google My Business will send an authentication card and you’ll need to enter the code to confirm the address.”

    Updating Regularly

    Mark Coster an owner and chief editor of several niche websites, Stem Toy Expert, that mainly rely on SEO for their traffic, well placed to advise on SEO ranking factors. He lights on to one of the most important SEO ranking factors however, many SEO websites miss out on, and he mentions, that is updating your existing content regularly

    He says,” In our company, we dedicate over a third of our resources to regular content updates. In fact, three out of our eight full-time copyeditors and writers regularly work on revisiting old articles, checking if affiliate links are still valid if products are still in stock. They also edit these articles to make sure they are easy to read and well-formatted.

    In many cases, it means rewriting whole sections, resizing images to be less of a burden, getting rid of outdated or misleading information. Most importantly, we don’t only do it with our worst-performing content. On the contrary, our cornerstone content also gets updated on a regular basis. And Google likes it because it likes websites that put their users first.”

    Be Patient

    It is significant to be patient. As you have done all these steps to improve your SEO ranking in google, google takes its time to index and rank your content. It may take weeks or even months to index your article. After being indexed, time generally plays in favor of ranking higher.

    When it comes to SEO, there’s no such thing as ‘quick results’. SEO requires time, patience, and effort. Its success depends on a number of factors, such as your budget, skills, and how your site stacks up against the competition. The good news is, you can employ these tactics in order to make things happen sooner rather than later.

    Stick on your activities sincerely and be patient for the awesome results.