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how to work from home and earn money in india

40 Practical Ideas For How To Work From Home And Earn Money In India

The whole globe witnessed tremendous changes in pre and post-pandemic scenarios. It affected the life and lifestyle of the masses. People love to spend more time indoors, and the concept of work from home is highly recognized these days.

Do you prefer an office job or work from home?

As the two sides of a coin both have advantages and adverse effects. However, the work from a home job makes you more energetic while avoiding traveling. It also opened the economic door of independence for homemakers. Homemakers can do work from home and make money.

Are you excited to know how to do work from home and earn money in India?

The article mentions the 40 work-from-home jobs in India for jobseekers irrespective of gender and age. If you are a job seeker or wish to do work from home, you are definitely in the right place and can choose your passionate field from the following job list.

Table of Contents

    Content Writing

    It includes article writing, website content writing, creative writing, blogging, etc. It requires some talent in writing and a sort of training and practice. It can be done as not only an employee of any firm but as a freelancer. There is also an opportunity to start a firm by oneself.

    Don’t worry; even if you have no prior experience, you can become a content writer. It’s no matter what your prior experience in writing. You will become a content writer if you have a strong desire and are ready to take action. If you like to know more about content writing, click on the link below.

    10 Doubts About How To Become A Content Writer You Should Clarify

    Online Academic Classes

    It is the time of online rather than offline. Everything is getting digitized. The face of the education system has changed. The system is shifting from traditional to modern.

    Are you interested in online academic classes?

    Anyone can take a class for primary students in various subjects It requires patience and skills more than knowledge.
    The tuition or classes for primary students is mentioned for everyone.
    If you have an extra qualification or an authority in a specified subject, then what are you waiting for?
    You only need a computer with a proper internet connection.
    You can make an advertisement and in the starting stage give publicity around your circle.
    You should ensure the exceptional quality of delivery in your class. Definitely, more pupils will follow you.

    The online classes also have opportunities in different entrance exam coaching and higher classes. It requires much expertise in the concerned subjects.

    Data Entry

    Many people are searching for data entry jobs to work from home.
    The data entry job has huge potential and the big companies are spending a lot of money on it. The data entry jobs from home are very suitable for housewives also. If you wish to know more on how to do data entry work from home, then Click Here

    Video Making

    It is vlogging particularly uploading for your YouTube Channel.
    One can make videos on various themes like cooking, entertainment,
    film review, etc. They can also share any knowledge like home decoration tips. So you can choose your interested topic and start to create high-quality videos.
    During the lockdown, most of the people started a youtube channel. The competition depends on the topic that you selected. But you must produce video content as per your passion, not merely focusing on the competition.
    You must try to produce unique video content with high quality and technically sound. A lot of people are making money through this online channel. If you put in a sincere effort and ready to wait for the result, you can also bag lakhs from youtube

    Making food items as small-scale industries.

    What work can I do from home?

    So far, we discussed online opportunities to make money from home. You can also focus on some offline business from home itself.
    It is providing income for various groups of women in different places.
    It requires small initial capital, skill, and marketing capability.
    It is prevalent to make food items from home. It may be by an entrepreneur or a group of people.
    The usual items include
    snacks etc.
    It can be sold as both retail and wholesale.
    It also requires better types of machinery for packing.


    Embroidery is a great skill and high demand, especially in the textile industry. The hand-made embroidery dresses cost more. People prefer handmade embroidery to machine works.
    Many institutions are giving training and skills in activities like embroidery, small-scale industries, etc. Here one should have the required skills along with interested people. The training can be in various fields like cooking, handicraft making, along the embroidery


    The tailor shop can be a profitable business, especially when it is run in the home itself. There is no requirement for separate rent paying spaces. It requires skill, creativity, and OK customer relations to make a good base for business.

    Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is an area with very high potential.

    Do you wish to learn digital marketing strategies?
    Anyone with a proper interest can learn and implement digital marketing techniques. The job requirements are vast in this domain.
    Many companies allow the work from the option. You can work as a digital marketer at home.
    You have the option to choose digital freelancing also.

    It includes digital marketing like Search Engine Optimisation having adequate skill and knowledge in it. It can be taken as freelancing or a part time job. There is a requirement of initial training for better understanding, and then the creativity can make it a success.

    Online counseling

    It is related to various mental pressures, depression, issues related to relationships, etc. The problems are common in busy modern life.
    The role of the counselor is related to understanding the issues and analyzing the status.
    The counselor should have the ability of conciliation and better interaction.


    It includes correcting books, research papers, and any other materials before printing. It can also include translation works. The correction work requires good knowledge of the language with a strong base in vocabulary and grammar.

    Agriculture related works

    It can be a better solution to produce food material for own consumption and also for selling.
    It is suitable for health to avoid vegetables that produced using pesticides. There is also a demand for organic food materials in the market. The various crops are vegetables, food grains, staple food, coconuts, and other oilseeds depending on the extent of land, irrigation facility, soil health, and demand in the market.

    Electrical and Mechanical Works

    It is an excellent opportunity for engineering graduates, ITI or vocational training, and engineering diploma holders.
    It can be a small shop attached to the home and will flourish according to skill. It can be a small electrical shop repairing watches, fans, television, radio, and other small equipment or a large workshop with helpers to repair motors and pumps.

    Interior Designing

    It can be a business with skill and creativity. The drawings, pattern in curtains, arranging room equipment, and furniture selection require an excellent creative sense and customer demand analysis.

    Catering of Homely food

    It can be a profitable business in cities where many students and employees from the hinterlands stay there.
    The requires healthy food at a low cost with fixed monthly charges.
    It brings a permanent customer base by providing good quality healthy food. It can be given as a parcel from home.

    Gardening and Nursery

    Horticulture and gardening can be high-value businesses in both rural and urban areas. The demand for flowering and indoor plants is growing in urban areas with development in vertical gardening of public and private spaces.
    The new technologies and vegetative propagation methods like budding, drafting, etc., can be employed for better productivity.

    Mentoring of Self Help Groups

    It can be done by providing expert advice to self help groups in running small scale firms. It can be done either as a part of an NGO or as a freelance.
    One’s leadership quality and professional experience are essential here.

    Auditing and accounting works

    This can be the right choice for anyone with an accountancy background
    in dealing with tax matters, auditing, etc. This completely depends on professional competence.

    Call Centre Work

    The call center work from home is also known as a virtual call .center. You can apply for this job. The companies require call center agents, and they provide the facilities like mobile phone, sim card, etc. You can work as a call center agent from home itself.

    Online Surveys

    Multi-National Companies are ready to pay billions of dollars on market research. So the job has enormous potential. It is also known as Market Research. The exciting thing is you can work according to your convenience, and there is no deadline and responsibilities. You can participate in the survey, and you will be get paid.
    Are you excited?

    DTP Works

    It includes copying the content online and preparering and design notices, posters, pamphlets, etc. It can also be done by translating the matter in the material if you know different languages. It will help to attract political organizations and others in a cosmopolitan city where pamphlets in various languages are required.

    Taking tuitions

    It includes students from various classes who can attend classes at teachers’ homes on weekends or after school sessions. It can be taken in multiple subjects and should have knowledge and teaching ability.
    If your searching for the answer for how to work part time from home?
    Taking tuition can also be a part time income along with other jobs or higher studies.


    You have the opportunity to have both online and offline consultancies. If you are an authority in a particular field, you can start a consultancy. You can charge from the clients according to your experience and knowledge.

    Performance Arts

    Regardless of age and gender, people are attracted to performance arts. It is always preferable to learn a performing art according to one’s taste. If you are talented in dance, music, acting, or other performing art forms, you can conduct classes at home. It is a perfect way of income generation.
    The online mode of performing arts classes is also prevalent at this time. If you have a computer with a stable internet connection, you can start online courses too.

    Freelance Programmer

    If you are good at coding, a lot of opportunities will come to you. Programming and coding is an evergreen requirement, especially in the digital world.

    Painting Classes

    You have both offline and online opportunities to take painting classes.
    If you are talented in painting, why don’t you think about painting classes?
    You can also draw the paintings as per the customer’s wish. The only thing you have to focus on the self promotion and exhibit your works in online mediums. You will get assignments by seeing your talent, and you can charge them.

    Yoga & Physical Training

    Most people follow a busy, hectic life. Excercise and peace of mind are essential for them. They prefer to attend yoga classes and other physical training programs as stress reliever and exercise. You can do courses and attain the certificate as an instructor.
    You can conduct the classes both offline and online mode.

    Web Designing

    Web designing has a huge potential in this day and age. Everything becomes digitized and everyone loves to approach modern ways of marketing. Having a website improves authenticity and credibility. So everyone prefers to have a website.

    Graphic Design

    It also has huge potential in the industry. You can earn a high amount of money if you have the graphic design skills. You can comfortably work from your space and earn.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Do you know what affiliate marketing is?

    You can earn a commission by promoting other (individual/company) products. You can promote the products in different ways, especially by using digital marketing techniques. You are rewarded with a certain amount of payment when the products get sold.
    If you wish to know more about affiliate marketing, then Click Here.

    Cloud Kitchen

    The concept is highly popularized in the time of the Covid 19 pandemic. It just likes a restaurant, whereas no direct seating and dining to the customers. The homemakers can use this opportunity where no direct link with customers takes the order from a third party agent or online.
    If you want to understand the concept, Click Here.

    Fish production

    It can be used as an additional income along with mainstream agriculture. It will also provide a stable income during lean seasons and in a world where the climate is changing. The government introduced various schemes to encourage inland fish production. This can bring good returns while people demand good fish products for a healthy life. So the business can attract a large customer base


    It depends on creativity and skill. The analysis of the demand of customers and consumption of locally available materials will reduce the requirement of raw materials. It does not require much investment while it can also be considered as a part time work. The market linkage is necessary to get wholesale customers. Once the customer base is created the business can be run smoothly

    Electronics and robotics

    Skilled professionals like engineering graduates and diploma holders can start without much investment. It does not require much space too. The skill and efficiency will decide the output and customer base. It can be run oneself without any helper or additional employee

    Freelance Photography

    If you have a passion for capturing unique snaps, then you can find income through your passion.
    You can upload your works to the free stock image sites, and you will be paid for that. You will get enormous online and offline opportunities once you proved your talent and skill.

    Beauty parlor

    If you pass the beautician course, you can run your parlor from home itself.


    If you are interested in home-based agribusiness, you can start any of the rearings as mentioned above cultures.

    Martial Arts Training

    Martial arts are included in the part of the academic curriculum. People are aware of the importance of being healthy and fit. If you are good at any of the martial arts, you can train the people.

    Voice Over

    Are you confident in your voice?
    Then you can try voice over jobs and can do from home itself.
    It is better to take a voice over course first. Then you will get the clarity and knowledge on what you are going to do.

    Freelance Reporter

    Are you interested in reporting the news?
    Many media giants are also looking for freelance reporters to report especially, the local news. If you have the desired skills, you can choose freelance reporting.

    Hand Crafts

    The hundred percentage custom made handcrafts have a huge demand in many industries. If you can create custom made enhancement designer handcrafts items, you heavily earn by sitting in the home. You have the opportunity to grow your skill as an enterprise according to your business.

    It is all about your interest and willingness to implement. If you dare to follow your passion consistently, you will get excellent results as early as possible. There are abundant opportunities around you. It would be best if you had the talent and efficiency to find the right one. You can choose the right path according to your wish. If you consistently produce high-quality results, you will become the authority in that area and earn according to your desire.

    You can earn money for bread and butter while sitting at home itself.
    Do you choose your niche from the list?
    Are you ready to start?
    The marvelous opportunities are just around you, find out and consistently work hard to achieve your goals.