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Sop for Germany Student Visa

Sop for Germany Student Visa


The Consulate General,

German Embassy,

15, Walter Carrington Crescent,

Victoria Island.

Dear Sir/ Madam

Subject: Statement of Purpose for the Application of a Student Visa

Name of institution: IU International University of Applied Sciences 

Course name: MA in International Management


With utmost respect, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as Jayaprakash an aspiring business manager. I would like to bring to your attention that I have been accepted for an MA in International Management Programme at IU International University of Applied Sciences. I am writing for the grant of a relevant study permit to commence my education in Germany. 

Education Background

I’ve had a strong interest in business since I was a child. I recall playing shopkeeper and customer with my pals and always insisted on being a shopkeeper. My parents used to joke that I would always be a store owner, and my response was always the same: not a shop owner, but several shop owners. That childhood fascination turned into a passion even I don’t remember. I continued to strive for achieving my dream. I was aware of the fact that to be best in the field I need to have prior knowledge of finance and its management. As a result, I completed a one-year Diploma in ERP (FICO) after completing my intermediate with XX%. This diploma introduced me to different subjects related to Enterprise and finance and prepared me for undertaking graduation courses. Thereafter, I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Calicut. I got the opportunity to learn the intricacies of business and different management levels during my under-graduation. Through various disciplines, I gained significant insights into the actual business world and how vital it is to take care of even the tiniest details to push the firm to new heights. Along with that, I was able to enhance my leadership, communication, team and time management skills by participating in various events and tasks during the course. 

Work Experience

I completed my graduation in XXXX with XX% and joined Calibre Mobiles in the position of Store Manager. I worked there for a few months and then got the opportunity to join Smart Logic. I worked there in the position of Sales executive and my job responsibilities there were to maintain accurate records, review sales performances and achieve monthly or annual targets. I have worked for the company for nearly X years and got to know about business operations.

One thing which I realized during my work is that what I learned in college about business ethics is not applied in various companies in India. Moreover, these companies are competing at the national level only and many haven’t even thought of taking their company to an international level. I believe this might be due to two reasons: first lack of knowledge and second lack of professionals in International management. Moreover, when the epidemic tested millions of enterprises globally, it also boosted other industries. This pushed me to take the International Management course to learn about new strategies which are adopted by international companies. 

Why this course?

The International Management Master’s degree combines practical-focused teaching materials, real-world teaching experience, and a concentration on globally relevant skills and themes to completely equip me for difficult management careers throughout the world. International management studies will enable me to get more involved in global business and management methods throughout the world. I believe through subjects like International Marketing, International Financial Management, Strategic Management, Business Ethics, Applied Statistics and Intercultural Management, I will be able to learn how to manage a business at an international level and will get a thorough understanding of dos and don’ts in a business. My focus will be on gaining a comprehensive and practical grasp of the main principles of Management, which will enable me to engage with global firms through practical application and current theory. 

Why this University?

I believe IU International University of Applied Sciences is the best choice for me to continue my studies. This university is well-recognised for its teaching standards and highly qualified staff. This university is certified not only by the German Council of Science and Humanities but also by the German Accreditation Council for its system and programmes. This implies that their courses, personnel, and instructional materials all fulfil the rigorous criteria that have been set for them. The University is a member of the Business Graduates Association, the Online Learning Consortium, and the AASCB..

Why Germany?

In terms of providing quality education at an accessible price for international students, low living costs, and the availability of scholarships, Germany stands out as a viable place for abroad study. Their university also guarantees that students graduate with polished skills and theoretical knowledge, making them highly employable and prepared to handle real-world challenges with new solutions. As the world’s fifth largest economy, I will be able to examine how the country manages its economy and imply what I learn from Germany in my own country. 

Return to India

After finishing the Master of International Management programme, I hope to work as a General Manager at a well-known firm in my home country. I will be able to build skills and talents in creative thinking, leadership, and management by participating in this programme. This training will help me gain confidence and move further in my career. Moreover, I have strong connections with my family and my home country. They have provided me with every support and love I needed during my education. They have played an important role in what I am today. I want to give them a luxurious life. Also, India is my motherland. I believe it’s my responsibility to help my motherland to become more economically strong. Therefore, after completing my education I will be returning to my family and the motherland. 

Financial Details

I belong to a well-to-do family in India. My father is a XXX whose annual income is XXX. He has enough funds to support my education and stay in Germany. Moreover, we have various movable and immovable assets in India. I would also like to bring to your attention that I have already paid fees of EUR XXX for the first year. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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