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How Can You Create an Impressive SOP for Italy Universities?

Are you looking for the sample sop for Italy? Please check the below sample admission sop.

Statement of Purpose


The GDP of the travel and tourism industry is expected to reach $8.35 trillion this year and $9.6 trillion in 2023, returning to pre-pandemic levels. Jobs in the tourism industry are expected to rebound to 300 million this year and 324 million in 2023, close to the 333 million recorded in 2019. This might be a simple report from the reader’s end, but for me, it has been the motivation report to continue my career in travel and tourism. I have always wanted to study tourism from a young age, so I chose a bachelor’s in tourism as my study stream. No wonder I wanted to build my career in this industry, so I chose an international country to do my Master’s in tourism. This written statement will elaborate on my interest in joining a university in Italy to do higher studies in tourism. I am Navin Paul from Thrissur, Kerala, India, and I want to be a successful person in the tourism industry. 

Family Background

I live in a small family with a father, a mother, and a brother. My father was working in Gulf, but now he returned to India and seeking agricultural work. My mother is a housewife, and my brother is studying at 12th std. My family always supported me in all my decisions, and they supported me in doing higher studies at an international university.

Academic and Work Experience

I completed my secondary education in 20XX with 90% and higher secondary education in 20XX with 85% from Kerala State Board. Further, I completed my Bachelor of Tourism Studies from XX Art & Science College in 20XX with a CGPA of 7.8. I worked as a tour consultant in XX Kerala, a tour operating company, for one year, and this work helped me attain good exposure to the tourism industry. I learned about this industry’s future scope and development and the government’s efforts to develop international tourism in India. With all these pointers in mind, I seek to study Masters in the same field from Italy, and numerous reasons support my decision. 

Reasons for Choosing the Master’s in Tourism

One of the primary reasons for choosing this course is my study interest. I want to start my own tourism company in the future, and I need specialized knowledge starting from the base to the advanced level. This Master’s degree is intended to give specialized training for professional tourism activities and research. The curriculum is given by competent teachers from several research organizations and guest lecturers who share their own experiences. This course prepares students for professional practice and research in a multi-disciplinary environment. It prepares students to make decisions in positions of responsibility in destination management organizations, activities, and institutions and to satisfy the demands of tourist market sustainability, diversification, and quality. Graduates of this Master’s program will be well-prepared to apply methodologies, instruments, and practices for creating and efficiently managing tourism-related activities. They’ll also have the know-how to help integrate technological solutions into the management of tourist attractions, activities, and destinations. I am confident that this program will help me fulfill my future career goals.

Reasons for Choosing Italy. Why Not Other Countries or India?

After a series of research and discussions, I focused on doing my studies at a university in Italy, and many reasons support my decision. My first preference for a master’s was from India, but I was not satisfied with the theoretical teaching methods over practical learning. Therefore, I decided to search for other countries for studies. All countries equally share good educational standards, but when I started comparing the universities, I felt that Italy colleges are more feasible to me based on tuition fees, instraruture, amenities, and student support. Aside from its beauty and cultural delights, Italy is home to some of the world’s oldest universities and the birthplace of the Bologna Process, one of Europe’s higher education standards. Another area in which Italy may take pride is in providing high-quality education. For international students, it is a popular choice. It provides high-quality education to students at less expense than other Western European countries. Italy has around 32,000 international students, including independent and exchange students. Italy is always an appealing option for students because of its enriched tradition and history of higher education. Furthermore, most courses are taught in Italian, which will allow me to learn a language along with English.

Long-Term and Short-Term Goals

My short-term goal is to start studying Master’s from a good university in Italy and complete the program successfully with good grades. My long-term goal is to procure a good job in the tourism industry and gain as much experience as possible to launch my tour operating company, domestic and international, including trekking at low tour package rates. 


My parents and brother will take care of my expenses during my studies in Italy. They have the financial stability to bear my expenses. I will abide by the rules and focus on returning to my country after my studies. I have no plans to extend my stay after my studies. 


Naveen Paul.

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