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Statement of Purpose (SOP) for the United States

The SOP or statement of purpose for the United States is an imperative document that determines the uniqueness and the potential of an applicant. When it comes to the case of the USA, it is a “Letter of Intent” or “Motivation Letter”. The SOP for the USA is a mode of communication indication for your goals and aspirations to universities. It is also a more personalised way of connecting aspirants and universities. In the US the statement of purpose is heavily weighted in the admission procedures, particularly for MS admissions. It will be beneficial if you prepare a good statement of purpose which highlight your command of the English language. If you are looking for your future career in the USA, you have to draft a precisely formatted SOP. Because the universities in the USA evaluate every SOP in depth for their proper formatting, style and tone even before reading what is written inside it. Before writing the SOP for the USA, you must learn all the general guidelines.


While writing the SOP for the USA, you must not write too much-unwanted information. Always craft an SOP that clearly explains the purpose of the course you are applying to. You should always quote relevant points only. Some of the general guidelines for writing the SOP for the USA are

Document required: Visa SOP

Language: Require a well-drafted SOP in US English language. They are strict about spelling and typo errors. 

Font: Times New Roman 11 or 12.

Length: The length of the SOP varies from university. Here is the length requirement of SOP for different universities.

  • SOP for MS: 2 to 3 pages
  • SOP for MIT: 2 to 3 pages
  • For Stanford, Harvard and University of Chicago: 2 pages

Generally the word limit for SOPs is to be between 600 to 1500 words.

Spacing: Universities like Stanford and MIT prefer a line spacing of 2.0 whereas some other universities prefer a line spacing of 1.0. 

Content: It should contain the following parts

  • Introduction

Start your SOP with an impressive quotation which is relevant to your scenario. 

  • Background includes academic, professional and family background.
  • Give the reason for selecting the course.
  • Mention the reason why you selected the particular institution for your studies. You can talk about the unique course structure, affordability of the fees and scholarship opportunities if any and so on.
  • Why did you select the USA for your studies?
  • Compose an additional paragraph if you have education gaps. Provide the things you learned during your tenure. What motivated you to continue your studies again?
  • Career goals
  • Conclusion


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While writing the SOP for the USA student visa there are some key points that you should keep in mind.

  • Include only achievements and specifics relevant to the US programme for which you apply.
  • In US universities, they use plagiarism detection software to check written SOPs. So always craft the SOP without copying from any other samples.
  • The goals should be related to the subjects interest rather than making income or finding work in multinational companies.
  • The SOP should be a unique giving emphasis on your point of view.
  • Make sure that the written SOP is grammatically correct, without any spelling mistakes and should be checked for plagiarism. Always follow the word count specified by universities.


Since the SOP for the USA should be written with great care, you can approach a professional service since it decides your admission eligibility. We are here to serve you with professional SOP writers with their expert knowledge and experience to achieve your dream goal as a student in the top universities in the United States of America. We have excellence in writing  SOP for pursuing graduate school programs, bachelor’s or master’s degree programs or research programs as per the guidelines.


Growing up in a semi-urban area in India, I come across many construction sites since my childhood. I have been witnessing the transformation of a village into a modern town which motivated me to choose Civil Engineering as my bachelor’s course. The development in infrastructural development in our town is proof that there is unlimited scope to grow and create in this field. Sturdy structures and attractive architectural buildings not only require creativity but also require meticulous engineering and management. The common goal that makes me an ideal candidate to study Construction Management at your university is the ability to plan, implement, execute and drive the team towards a common goal. My undergraduate course plays a crucial role in strengthening my foundation and understanding of Civil Engineering concepts. My favourite subjects were Structural Analysis, Building Planning and Drawing Building Measurements and Construction Technology. 

Academic background
I completed my 10th from (Name of the School) at (place and address of the school) in (the year of completion) and secured (percentage of the mark ). I bagged (percentage of the mark) for plus two from (name of the school) at (location of the school) in (year of completion). I chose (name of the college and address), to study Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering and secured a (mark scored) in (year of completion). I also did various other courses like (name of the course) during my graduate studies. During my graduation, I did a summer internship program, where I was awarded the best intern of the year. I was also active in non-academic activities as well. I was selected as an executive member of the Students Engineering Association of India. As a part of it, I have taken initiative and managed over a hundred students to arrange national-level events. All these experiences contributed to developing my administrative skill and have helped me later in my career.

Why did I choose ( Name of the university) over other universities?
My research has convinced me that MBA in Construction Management would ideally suit my profile. I was certain that my education should allow me to gain global exposure and a high standard. Several reasons made to select (the name of the university)for my higher studies. The United States of America with its high-ranked universities is known to provide outstanding academic programs and exceptional value. What attracted me to the (name of university) is not something that you can learn from textbooks alone, it is the presence of leading faculties who can solve critical problems and make the world better through groundbreaking discoveries. The experiential teaching approach involves discussions, collaborative sessions, debates and simulation of real-world settings made me select this university. The university provides internships in collaborating with leading construction companies in the country and also made me pursue this program.

Why did I choose the MBA in Construction Management?
An MBA after civil engineering will broaden the engineering knowledge while gaining a depth understanding of the business environment. Since I already have a keen interest in engineering, building and architecture technologies, I choose an MBA in Construction Management. The program deals with planning, design and construction of the project and also focuses on applying principles of management to solve the problems and challenges arising in the field of construction technology. The curriculum will provide us with training in core management subjects and domain-specific subjects. It helps us to develop our skills in the field of leadership and management, scheduling, budgeting, leadership and project management. An MBA in construction management helps in blending engineering and business values and prepares us to focus on different areas of time management, quality assurance and budget management at the same time. After pursuing this course I will be moulded into a professional who can handle the right way of planning, coordinating, budgeting and overseeing construction assignments in different areas like residential, industrial and commercial. I am sure that studying in a reputed institution will help me to build a promising research career with the guidance of expert faculty members. The internship programs will benefit me in building my career. Since India is a developing country, and there is a great demand in the construction field, I am sure that this degree will improve my employment perspectives.

Why did I choose the US over India for my studies?
I researched many countries like US, UK, Canada and Germany and found that the USA has a higher number of educational institutions providing higher education than any other country in the world. The practically oriented learning in a real-time environment approach is not practised in our country India, where the educational system still emphasises a theory-oriented approach. Although all other countries provide equal academic excellence, I choose the USA for my higher studies considering living costs, safety etc. 

My short-term and long-term goals?
 My short-term goal is to work in a construction firm, real estate firm, architecture agency, or government department where I will get a chance to implement and update my knowledge. After working for a few years and gaining much better experience in this field, I will take a step ahead and set up a business in a construction firm.

Plan after studies?
After my studies, I will return to my country as my family is staying here. I am sure that this international degree will help me to work better for global clients while helping me find better opportunities and positions both financially and career-wise.

I urge the university team to seek my genuine interest in joining your university to attain my future goals.