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Sop for Canada Study Visa

Sop for Canada Study Visa


The visa officer,

High Commission of Canada.

Subject: Study permit application.

College: Lambton College, Canada

Program: The Supply Chain Management Ontario College Graduate Certificate program

Respected sir/madam


“ I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better”. 

I have applied to Lambton college for the one-year Supply Chain Management Ontario College Graduate Certificate program starting in September 2023. I have already received my university admission letter to join the program on February 6, 2023.

Educational and Professional Background

I pursued a bachelor of commerce in computer application from Shree Vidhyadhiraja college of arts and science with a score of 69 percent. The decision to opt for graduation in commerce was an important juncture in my life. It opened the door to the vast world of accounting and management, which I was fascinated by. My immense curiosity to learn more about management and accounting led me to pursue a master of commerce in finance from UIT, Sasthamkotta with a score of 71 percent. There I discovered my interest in statistics and analytics. To fulfill the requirements for admission I cleared IELTS with a score of XXX

Higher Studies in Supply Chain Management

I am an ardent follower of the latest trends in the business field and always make sure to keep updated on business law, management, finance, and technology. I look forward to learning multiple skills that help to alleviate my professional perspective. I chose computer application to be my major for commerce graduation because it enabled me to learn more about technical aspects like artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, analytics software, and apps. Later doing a master’s in finance as a major helped me to learn more about that field and acquire skills in statistics, mathematics, and analytics. After completing my master’s, as a common practice, I too worked at XXX company as a finance manager. There I understood the value of practical knowledge over classroom education. After closely knowing about the dynamics of business and the necessity to adapt to the changing atmosphere, I decided to widen my horizon by learning about supply chain management. As mentioned in the opening quote of the essay, I was working according to what I knew and learned, so that I f I am learning more I can do better.

So, by analyzing today’s business world I realized that it is quite dynamic. The unpredictable changes that happened during the covid – 19 pandemic led businesses to take new deviations and upgrade its operation. So, here is where I found the relevance of supply chain management. Because it had become a necessity to learn the processes within and between the organizations. Even though there were career opportunities open for commerce graduates in India, I found it necessary to know the trends in the industry to meet the challenges by knowing what the clients want. I strongly believe that my skill set in technology, attention to detail, hard work, and ability to handle and use data conveniently work as an advantage to pursuing the Supply Chain Management Ontario College Graduate Certificate program. Being a graduate from a foreign country will help me to procure many more job opportunities for me. And I strongly believe that this will help me secure a well-paid job in one of the top leading companies in my country like Reliance group, TATA consultancies, etc, and would overcome the competition in the job market.

Reason for Choosing Canada

I had researched a lot from several blogs and reviews regarding the academic Infrastructure of Canada. One thing I found different from India is that here it majorly focuses on practical knowledge rather than theory-based education.  And I would like to follow a more practical method than the latter. The course structure is similar in US and Uk and in Canada but considering the geographical proximity from Canada to India, inclusiveness, student culture, and dynamic academic infrastructure for the aspirants, I found Canada to be more suitable for my education.

Reason for Choosing Lambton College

I chose Lambton college to pursue the Supply Chain Management Ontario College Graduate Certificate program because, on the face of it, the name of the college will enhance the credentials of students. Apart from this, it enables me to showcase their understanding, knowledge, skills, and expertise in the supply chain to potential employers. It will also help me to acquire the ability to envision and produce my own supply chain career plan in preparation for employment.

The striking factor of the college is that its focus is majorly placed on learning the elements of supply chain strategic planning, network design, materials handling design, and applications and operations. The program will prepare the students to analyze end-to-end supply chain processes and evaluate the importance of technology and software applications in facilitating and supporting supply chain execution. It also provides the Students with an experience of a mixture of classroom study, online research, hands-on computer applications, individual assignments, group projects, topical quizzes, projects, and field study. Basically, the course structure is designed in a way that opens a huge career door for the students.

Career Prospectus in India After Completion of Course in Canada

After the completion of the course, I will be able to acquire international exposure, skills in problem-solving, data handling, and attention to detail that enables me to develop my career in supply chain management. The dynamic environment of the business world has larger career opportunities in the field of supply chain management. India also has corporates like reliance industries and TATA consultancies that have worthy placements that offer career growth, help in showcasing your skills and abilities, and exciting salary packages. With this international exposure in the educational field, my aim is to acquire the required knowledge and skills for a productive job in my country. I strongly look forward to studying in Canada to build the career that I aspire to have.

Financial Stability and Family Ties

My family consists of three members including me. My father is an Engineer and my mother is a college professor. Being the only child of my parents I wish to be with them during their old age.  So, after completing my course, I would like to join my family In India. I have carefully analyzed the financial requirements to study at Lambton College, Canada. I had allotted funds for my education, lodging, and other living expenses in the country. We own a property in Kerala, India which costs 25 lakhs rupees, and have also taken a bank loan to fund my expenses further.

I would like to contribute my knowledge and effort to the business sector of my country. My intention to visit  Canada is solely academic, and I do not have any professional interest in the nation. I would like to join my family back in India after the completion of the course.


I have presented my situation clearly to you. On scrutinizing the attached documents, you can assess my profile and come to your decision. I would request you to take your decision in my favor so that I can pursue the advanced program in Canada. I am looking forward to studying the Supply Chain Management Ontario College Graduate Certificate program In Canada.


Sankar KV

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